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And finally we should not omit the reason for which the Medicean stars appear sometimes to be twice as large as at other times, though their orbits about Jupiter are very restricted.


Example of Galileo's diagram s of the motions of th e Medicean S tars in S idereu s nuncius (Venice: Baglioni, 1610). p . 20 (reproduction co u rtesy of O w en C ringerich).

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Civic Humanism and

Civic Humanism and the Rise of the Medici* by MARK JURDJEVIC This article analyzes the intellectual content of civic humanism in the specific context of Medici power, asking the question: what ideological role did civic humanism play in Medicean Florence?

The Museo Galileo is home to the only

This project was emulated later in the Uffizi Gallery by Ferdinando I (1549-1609), who conceived a Cosmographic Room containing representations of the Medicean domains and a great Ptolemaic model of the universe created by the cosmographer Antonio Santucci († 1613).

Naming the Satellites of Jupiter and

Finaiiy, Marius related a whether they would prefer "~osmi; Stars" (afier kggestion by ~epler: Cosimo 11, drand ~uke of~uscan~) or "Medicean Stars."

Five Myths of Socialized Medicine John Goodman

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Galileo: the first* astronomer to use a telescope

Move to the Medicean Court Return to Florence • Galileo had always hoped to return to Florence. • He realized that his reputation and fame from his telescopic discoveries might get him a position in the Medicean Court in Florence.