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M E L A N I E P A R K E melanieparke.com _____ INDEPENDENT PROJECTS, CURATION AND COLLABORATIONS: 1997-Present Chief Studios, providing platforms for projects, artist -run exhibitions, unconventional residencies, creative ...

Melanie Lefebvre

Melanie Lefebvre mel@melanielefebvre.com 514.779.2891 www.melanielefebvre.com Writer/Illustrator/Content Manager  Seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience in writing, editing and consulting - print & digital content - with clients in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.  Contracted ...

Melanie Troxel

Melanie Troxel . August 31, 1972 – Present . Nationality: American . Raced: 1997 – Present . Background: Melanie Troxel was born in Littleton, Colorado in 1972.

MELANIE ERRICO Resume 1-11-12

MELANIE ERRICO Melanie.Errico@gmail.com 322 North High Street 607.227.4342 West Chester, PA 19380 EXPERIENCE JUNE 2008 - JULY 2011 NEW WAVE, LLC.

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MELANIE COREY-FERRINI view on-line portfolio at http://dynamikplace.com/misc/portfolio//start.html Using a zestful energy and passion for everything I do, I enjoy taking new paths and creating different

Melanie J. V. Fennell

Access the most recent version at doi: 10.1192/apt.4.5.296 APT€1998, 4:296-304. Melanie J. V. Fennell Cognitive Therapy in the Treatment of Low Self-Esteem permissions

Engineering Life into Technology: the Application of ...

by complexity theorist Melanie Mitchell: “a system in which large networks of components with no central control and simple rules of operation give rise to complex collective behavior, sophisticated

Artist's Resume

Artist's Resume MELANIE LEWIS EDUCATION My art career is a return to a first love. After earning degrees in biology, geology and science education and then working for 30 years as a science educator, I seriously began my art studies in 1998.