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Meningococcal Vaccines What You Need to Know

It is a leading cause of bacterial meningitis in children 2 through 18 years old in the United States. Meningitis is an infection of the covering of the brain and the spinal cord.


This teaching sheet contains general information only. Your child’s doctor or a member of your child’s health care team will talk with you about specific care for your child.


ODH-IDCM MENINGITIS, ASEPTIC Page 1/Section 3 Revised 7/2011 MENINGITIS, ASEPTIC (Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis, Meningoencephalitis, Viral Meningitis) Ohio Disease Reporting Class B1 REPORTING INFORMATION  Class B1: Report by the close of the next business day after the case or suspected case ...


ODH-IDCM MENINGITIS, BACTERIAL Page 1/Section 3 Revised 7/2011 MENINGITIS, BACTERIAL REPORTING INFORMATION  Class B1: Report by the close of the next business day after the case or suspected case presents and/or a positive laboratory result to the local public health department where the ...

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2 Who has After Effects? Good and Bad Days Dealing with Negative Emotions Needs of Parents and Carers After Effects that may occur after Meningitis and Septicaemia Children, Parents and Intensive Care Brothers and Sisters or Other Children in the Family BEHAVIOURAL AND EMOTIONAL AFTER EFFECTS 2 ...

Meningitis and septicaemia

Am I At Risk? Meningitis and septicaemia Fever and/or vomiting Severe headache Limb/joint/ muscle pain (sometimes stomach pain/diarrhoea) Cold hands and feet/shivering Pale or mottled skin Breathing fast/ breathless Rash (anywhere on the body) Stiff neck Less common in young children Dislike of ...


Meningitis Page 1 of 2 Meningitis What is meningitis? Meningitis (men-in- jite -iss) is an infection of the meninges (men- in -jeez)—the lining covering the brain and spinal cord.

Meningococcal Disease

The National Meningitis Association, Inc. PO BOX 725165 Atlanta, GA 31139 1-866-FONE-NMA www.nmaus.org Meningitis: Possible to Prevent. Dangerous to Ignore.

Recovering From Meningitis

Recovering From Meningitis Can meningitis recur? Once a person has had meningitis, they usually become immune to that particular type of meningitis but may still require vaccination to prevent recurrence.

MENINGITIS - Infectious Disease Epidemiology Section Office ...

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