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Standard of Care: Meniscal Tears

The meniscus can also help to limit femoral translation on the tibia. The meniscus (especially the posterior horn of the medial meniscus) ...

Meniscus Repair – AAOS – Instructional Course

1 Meniscus resection versus repair Don Johnson MD FRCS(C) Director Sports Medicine Clinic Carleton University Assistant Professor Orthopedic Surgery University of Ottawa Ottawa ON Canada Introduction Menisectomy is the commonest arthroscopic procedure that is done, but we rarely talk about it.


PATIENT GUIDE TO ALLOGRAFT MENISCUS TRANSPLANTATION Whatisthemeniscus? The meniscus isawedge shaped cartilage ring found on both the inside and outside of the knee between the femur


i 2i MR Imaging of Displaced BucketHandle Tear of the Medial Meniscus Rolando D. Singson1 A bucket-handle tear of the meniscus is a vertical on oblique tear with longitudinal Frieda Feldman2 extension toward the anterior horn in which the inner fragment is frequently displaced Ronald Staron2 ...

Medial/Lateral Meniscectomy and Rehabilitation

Ben Cornell PT, Joe Godges PT Loma Linda U DPT Program KPSoCal Ortho PT Residency 1 Medial/Lateral Meniscectomy and Rehabilitation Anatomical considerations: The meniscus is an important load-bearing structure that supports 70% of the load transmitted through the lateral compartment and 50% ...


For transplantation of the lateral meniscus a lateral parapatellar arthrotomy is used and the articular cartilage is inspected. The residual rim of the meniscus is resected to obtain a potentially bleeding surface and a second counter incision may be required in the posterolateral corner.

What Else is it Called

2006/12/07 Page 1of 2 FACT SHEET Meniscus Disorders, Knee What Else is it Called? Injured Knee Cartilage, Torn Knee Cartilage What is it? • Knee meniscus disorders involve the medial meniscus and lateral meniscus, which are two pads of cartilage in the knee between the femoral and tibial ...


Whatisthemeniscus? The meniscus (Figures 1&2) are cartilage rings found on both the inside and outside of the knee. They sit between the femur (thigh bone) and tibia (shin bone), and act as shock

Equine Meniscal Injuries: A Retrospective Study of 14 Horses

The meniscus does not demonstrate an extruded or bulging appearance in this view. Fig. 4. Abnormal medial meniscus. This image depictsa flattened, ...

MRI Appearance of Wrisberg Variant of Discoid Lateral Meniscus

384 AJR:187, August 2006 AJR 2006; 187:384-387 0361-803X/06/1872-384 © American Roentgen Ray Society M E D I C A L I M A G I N G A C E N T U R Y O F Singh et al. MRI of Wrisberg Variant of Discoid Lateral Meniscus Musculoskeletal Imaging•Clinical Observations MRI Appearance of Wrisberg ...