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Course Syllabus CE-320: Microcomputers I

Electrical and Computer Engineering Kettering University 2 | Page This course covers the fundamentals of the very important field of microcomputers.

Lecture 1: Introduction to Microcomputers

1/15/2010 3 Why do we study Microcomputers? •Embedded systems use microcontrollers or microcomputers. Some interesting statistics (fromafe ears ago) •Some interesting statistics (from a few years ago)-An average American interacts with 300 or more embedded systems every day.-95% of all ...

A Brief Real History of Microcomputers

A Brief Real History of Microcomputers By Russ Abrams, Ed.D. To my knowledge the bits and pieces you read here have never been previously assembled in one document.

Using Microcomputers in Education: Assessment of Three ...

Using Microcomputers in Education: Assessment of Three Teaching Strategies Robert J. Birkenholtz, Assistant Professor Bob R. Stewart, Professor and Coordinator University of Missouri-Columbia Michael J. McCaskey, Ass't Prof Ag Mech SUNY-Cobleskill Thomas D. Ogle, Microcomputer Consultant MO Dept ...


2 2 Computer aided learning (CAL) is a powerful educational innovation that has great potential for the improvement of teaching and learning. Books and articles on instructional methods relevant to K-12 computer use are available in abundance.


2 This book is generally used in Math 1050-1 to Math 1100-1. The equivalent level of the book is used in Econ 1078-3 and 1088-3. Previous knowledge of microcomputers or software is not required.

ECE 262 - Introduction to Microcomputers

ECE 2620 - Introduction to Microcomputers Fall 2006 Class Start/END Dates: 9/5/06-12/13/06 Lecture times: M & W, 7:30 - 9:20 pm Lectures for all sections are in Room 224 State Hall Laboratory Sections: 10275 (Wed., 8:30-11:30, Room 1013, Manuf.) Victor Bondarenko ( ai8868@wayne.edu ) 11793 (Th ...

Intergrating Microcomputers and Related Technologies in ...

INTEGRATING MICROCOMPUTERS AND RELATED TECHNOLOGIES IN AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION William G. Camp, Associate Professor Virginia Tech H. Dean Sutphin, Associate Professor Cornell University Microcomputers are used in nearly every phase of agricultural business and industry.

Teaching Tone and Intonation With Microcomputers

CALICO Journal, Volume 7 Number 1 21 Teaching Tone and Intonation With Microcomputers Dorothy M. Chun University of Texas at Austin ABSTRACT: Although research on the use and effectiveness of visual feedback for teaching tone and intonation began more than thirty years ago, the technology for ...

Microcomputer Proficiency Test Guide and Information Bulletin

Microcomputers competently in three distinct software areas; (1) spreadsheets, (2) word processing (3) presentations. One means of meeting this requirement is through successful completion of the microcomputer proficiency test (MPT).