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Microphones Microphones are the most critical element in the recording chain. Every sound not created purely electronically must be transduced through a microphone in order to be recorded.


Microphones The initial step in the recording process is the transduction of sound pressure waves into electromagnetic signals. The main type of transducer in audio recording is the microphone.

Microphone Handbook

PCB PIEZOTRONICS, INC. 3425 Walden Avenue, Depew, NY 14043-2495 USA Phone: 800-828-8840 Fax: 716-684-0987 Email: info@pcb.com www.pcb.com ISO 9001 CERTIFIED A2LA Accredited to ISO 17025 AS9100 CERTIFIED 1 Microphone Handbook Test and Measurement Microphones Introduction Pressure variations ...

Shure WL93 User Guide

Models WL93 and SM93 User Guide ©2009 Shure Incorporated 27D3106 (Rev. 5) Printed in U.S.A. GENERAL Shure Model WL93 and SM93 Microphones are omnidirectional,

Microphone Techniques for Recording

Introduction The selection and placement of microphones can have a major influence on the sound of an acoustic recording. It is a common view in the recording industry that the music played by a skilled musician with a quality instrument properly miked can be sent directly to the recorder with ...


Born and bred in the American heartland, Electro-Voice lays claim to over 80 years of unmatched innovation in microphone design and manufacturing.

Microphone University www.dpamicrophones.com Microphones ...

Microphone University www.dpamicrophones.com Microphones, High Wind and Rain by Eddy B. Brixen


superb deta ongratulations on your purchase of the Blue OmniMouse, a modern classic made the old-fashioned way — without compromise. Our stunning finish and unique rotating capsule make OmniMouse one of the most interesting and beautiful microphones you'll ever lay eyes on.

wireless expansion microphone accessory kit for select ...

Polycom ® Wireless Microphones Wireless expansion microphone accessory kit for select Polycom ® SoundStation ® conference phones Benefits Greater microphone coverage flexibility - Add additional microphone pickup without cable length limitations Microphone coverage in hard-to-reach areas ...


The UA0836 Stereo Boom (fig . 1) is a precision-crafted microphone boom for easy and secure mounting of microphone pairs for stereo recording . It can be precisely adjusted for both spacing and angling of the microphones .