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Dicot and Monocot Leaves

However, the main vein or midvein will always be seen in cross section (see the Ligustrum midvein shown below). The veins of leaves typically lack a vascular cambium but one can be seen quite clearly in the bundle of the midvein.

Leaf Vascular Pattern Formation - INTRODUCTION

advanced dicots: a prominent midvein, several distinct vein size orders with smaller veins diverging from the larger, and a closed reticulum formed by several veins with the smallest

Leaf Structure

Leaf Structure and Function: The Origin and Morphology of the Leaf: The earliest land plants were small leafless plants similar to modern whisk ferns of the genus Psilotum.

Expression of the Pathogenesis-related Gene Promoter— GUS ...

Received 5 Aug. 2003 Accepted 10 Dec. 2003 Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (30000112), Shanxi Provincial Natural Science Foundation, China (20001037) and Science and Technology Development Foundation of Shanxi Educational Committee (2005).

Leaf Structure and Function

The bundle sheath is composed of thick walled fibers (sclerenchyma), or, in some of the smaller veins, thinner walled parenchyma cells. The bundle sheath of the large midvein extends from upper to lower epidermis.

Nutrient Deficiencies and Application Injuries in Field Crops

Potassium (K) deficiency is first seen as a yellowing and necrosis of the corn leaf margins, beginning on the lower leaves. Symptoms usually don't appear for some time after planting (about 4 to 6 weeks, around the V6 growth stage).

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Vulpia 3: 140-172 2004.

Abaxial leaf surface and midvein vestiture further comprise useful variation for distinguishing among species. North Carolina species exhibit two basic types of trichomes on the abaxial midveins: straight-tipped and uncinate-tipped.

Basic Terminology

LOBES are marginal indentations that reach 1/4 or more of the distance to the midvein, measured parallel to the axis of symmetry of the lobe. Rhododendron amagianum (Ericaceae)

Kjøbenhavn 1866: 77. 1867, nom. cons.

Leaf blade abaxially glabrous, midvein impressed; cupules outside tomentose, enclosing ca. 1/3 of nut ..... 17.