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Milliequivalents, Millimoles, and Milliosmoles

Electrolytes vs Electrolytes vs Nonelectrolytes Nonelectrolytes • Compounds in solution are often referred to as • Compounds in solution are often referred to as either electrolytes or either electrolytes or nonelectrolytes nonelectrolytes-Electrolytes are compounds that in solution ...

Organic Chemistry Calculations

To convert moles to millimoles, multiply by 1000; to convert millimoles to moles, divide by 1000. For the amounts we are working with, millimoles will be easier to use, so you will use this conversion a lot. 10 mmol x 1 mol = 0.01 mol 1000 mmol 0.01 mol x 1000 mmol = 10 mmol 1 mol

Expressing the Concentration of Substances in Solution

Thus: 5 millimoles of NaCl molecules would weigh (5 x 58.5 mg) = 292.5 mg. 150 millimoles of NaCl molecules would weigh (150 x 58.5 mg) = 8,775 mg = 8.775 gm ½ millimole (0.5 millimole) of NaCl molecules would weigh (0.5 x 58.5 mg) = 29.25 mg Try the following for practice: 1a) What is the chemical ...

Units of measurement

TABLE 2.4 Units of drug amount Unit Abbreviated to Equivalent to mole mol 1000 millimoles millimole mmol 1000 micromoles Figure 2.3 shows the conversion between moles and millimoles, and their conversion into units of mass.

Lab Session 8, Experiment 7: Antacids

(a) Mass of antacid tested g (b) Milliliters of HCl used mL (c) Molarity of HCl mol/L (d) Millimoles of HCl used = (mL HCl × M HCl) mmol (e) Milliliters of NaOH used to neutralize excess acid mL (f) Molarity of NaOH mol/L (g) Millimoles of NaOH used = (mL NaOH × M NaOH) mmol (h) Millimoles of HCl (total used) mmol (i ...

Antacids Data Sheet Explanations

Answer should be to the nearest 0.01 ml. Column 17: Mmoles of HCl Change in volume multiplied by molarity of HCl. n HCl = M HCl x V HCl ( Note: moles per liter = millimoles per milliliter) Column 18: Antacid Chemical Name Write the chemical formula for the active ingredient in the given antacid.

Hexamminenickel(II) Chloride Analysis

This volume contains V a C a millimoles of HCl. V b is the milliliter volume of C b molar NaOH( aq) added at the endpoint. This volume contains V b C b millimoles of NaOH. millimoles of NH 3 = millimoles HCl - millimoles NaOH in the salt ( V a C a) ( V b C b ...

Key to Units

... equivalents per gram microimmune flouresence mean intensity fluoresence million minute milli international units milli international units per hour milliliter millimeter milliliters per 24 hours milliliter per minute per 1.73 squared cubic millimeter millimole millimoles per day millimoles per liter millimoles per ...


The designation of the container of Magnesium sulfate injection should indicate the quantity in terms of the amount of magnesium sulfate heptahydrate and as the approximate concentration of magnesium ions (Mg 2+) in millimoles per ml. Additional information.

Experiments 4A-C: Synthesis and Component Analysis of an Iron ...

The number of millimoles present in 100g of complex were found to be, for unknown samples 3-5: 215.### mmol Fe 3+, 227.### mmol Fe 3+, and 259.### mmol Fe 3+, with an average of 23#.### ±4#.## mmol Fe 3+ in every 100g of complex.