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Mathematical Calculations in Health Care

The pharmacist needs to fill a prescription for 150 minims. How many ml is this? A. 3.33 ml B. 5 ml C. 7.5 ml D. 10 ml. 13. The temperature in the classroom is 86° F.


Minims & units: whole numbers only 3. IV infusion rates: whole numbers only, either drops/min or cc/hr 4. Tablets: scored tablets may be divided to give a portion 5.

Waiver information Summer and Fall 2010[1]

How many minims will the nurse administer? _____ Shade in the desired amount in the most appropriate syringe. 4. Tylenol 0 . 3 g p.o. q.4h is ...

Waste disposal: FAQs

If you do simply put the used or time-expired minims in the normal bin then you would be in breach of your duty of care. 3. My waste contractor says it is fine for me to put my minims etc in the black bag.

The Hypodermic Syringe in Dentistry

The earliest syringe dates from the 1860s; ithas a glass barrel, calibrated in minims, metal ends cemented in place and two rightangle needle attachments 'pointed tubes'thatpush on to a tapered extension.

Calculating Medication Dosages Converting Dosage Systems

... volume Metric Apothecary 1 ml 15 minims 1 ml 15 minims.06 ml 1 minim 4 ml 1 dram 30 ml 1 ounce 500 ml 1 pint 1000 ml 1 quart Apothecary Equivalents, weight Metric Apothecary ...


... Convert 2500 minims into fluid ounces 2) Convert fluid ounces into milliliters Using this strategy, you get 2500 minims = 5.20833333 fluid ounces = 154.0104167 fluid ounces.

Softgel Shapes and Sizes Ovals

07-1718CAT_Softgels_Sellsheet_DRv1.indd. Oral Technologies Ovals 2 Oval minims: 1.5-1.8 cc: 0.092-0.111 3 Oval minims: 2.4-3.0 cc: 0.148-0.185 4 Oval minims: 3.1-4.0 cc: 0.191-0.246 5 Oval minims: 4.3-5.0 cc: 0.265-0.308 6 Oval minims: 5.2-6.0 cc: 0.320-0.370 7.5 Oval minims: 6.2-7.5 cc: 0.382-0 ...


... *the*treatment*is*not* working. fluorescein 1 1% and 2% eye drops (Minims ®)  rose bengal Minims ®  ...

Medication Administration

... in 10ths of a CC Ñ Standard Syringe Ñ Standard Syringe-SQ or IM injections-SQ or IM injections »Calibrated in CC or mLor minims »Calibrated in CC or mLor minims ...