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Takaful / Re-takaful: The Emerging Growth Story 14-16 July 2008, Jumeirah Carlton Tower, Knightsbridge, London Whenever the size of takaful industry is discussed, it is compared with the size of global insurance industry with the conclusion that it is miniscule.


minisscule miniscule minuscule minuschule How many words have been misspelled in this sentence: "In Mr Blair's judgement, his goverment is financialy sound and Tory disatisfaction is inappropriate."

White Paper - Bayesian/Heuristics Hands Down

filtering has the ability to solve spam with over 99% filtering, miniscule false-positive and without customer tuning. • IP Blacklist - to block absolutely known spam sources, email harvesting and handle the

Questions to Help Children Think

Use new words like "observe", texture words (sticky, rough, silky), measurement words (gigantic, tiny, humongous, miniscule), etc. Remember: If you can answer "yes" or "no" the question is not open-ended.

Is smart meter RF exposure safe? Yes.

At one yard in front of the meter on a typical day, inside 3. your home, your exposure is miniscule — more than 1.3 million times below the FCC standard.


The light and heat help tighten the skin by producing millions of miniscule laser points. As the skin heals, it tightens and texture improves. (It's almost like micro-aeration of skin, similar to aerating your lawn.

*Noted Naughty Behaviors:

Leaving just a miniscule amount of OJ in the container instead of throwing it away. *Looking over this list, I'm sure you agree that you do not deserve to be included on The Nice List.

Avoiding c u l t u re burn

If this comparison is simply made in words - 'Jumbo memory, miniscule device' - an equivalent expression or comparison can probably be found. 'Jumbo memory, miniscule device' could be paraphrased as 'Massive memory, miniscule device' without the concept suffering.

We are exposed to more radiation in our daily lives than we ...

Palo Verde's equipment can detect miniscule traces of radiation — usually measured in millirem. The robust structures of concrete and steel provide an exceptional barrier from the radioactive materials stored within.

Keisuke TSUJIMOTO Director of Electric Vehicle and Advanced ...

Diffusion projections& Targets 2 Projections (private-sector efforts) Government Targets 2020 2030 2020 2030 Conventional Vehicles 80% >60-70%50-80%30-50% Next -Generation Vehicles < 20% 30 -40%20-50%50-70% HEV 10 -15%20-30%20-30%30-40% EV/PHEV5-10% 10 -20%15-20%20-30% FCV Miniscule 1% 0-1% 0-3% CDV Miniscule 0-5% 0-5% 5-10% ...