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plastics - The customer magazine from BASF 2/2008

at BASF in the Miramid ® or Ultramid product lines (PA). For instance, the former Capron BG40GHIHS, a PA6 type for the external car mirrors, is now Ultramid B3WZG6.

ECLIPSE FLOOR 200 Shrinkagereducingadmixture

MIRAmid-rangewaterreducersandADVA high-rangewaterreducers.Ingeneral,Eclipse Floor200maybeaddedtotheconcretebatch sequencingatanytime,howeverpreferably

page 1/2 Date : 12 November 2008 Version : 2.0 Contact: BASF SE ...

luran® s terluran® miramid® neopolen® terlux® polystyrol ultradur® styroblend® ultraform® styrolux® ultramid® styroclear® ultrason® please be advised that based on the ...

Plastics - Articles In Technical Journals

cently joined by the FC brands Miramid A3F FC (unreinforced) and Miramid A3EG6 FC (black). Aside from applications in the auto-motive sector, PBT possesses an interest-

BASF Performance Polymers is the innovative technology leader in ...

Miramid, LATI U.S.) • Secure alternative ADN supply from Invista Positioning in growth markets • Expand presence in Asia: PBT plant, tech centers,

Shaping the Future Group Annual Press Conference Report

We acquired the company Leuna-Miramid GmbH, in Leuna, Germany, strengthening our position in engineer-ing plastics in Europe. By acquiring the North American business of ...

Candidate-List of SVHC-Substances according to Annex XIV ...

BASF SE: Miramid Ultradur Ultraform Ultramid Ultrason Bayer Apec Bayblend Desmopan Lisa* MaterialScience AG: Makroblend Makrolon Texin*

Plastikler ve Üretici Firmalar

112 Miramid Leuna-Miramid PA 113 Nilamid Euronil PA 114 Niretan Soredi PA 115 Nylaforce Leis PA 116 Nylatron DSM PA 117 Nylind DuPont PA 118 Nylon Hoechst/Celanese PA


PA 6 Miramid PA 6 Murylon PA 6 Nevimid PA 6 Nilamid A PA 6 Nipplon PA 6 Niretan PA 6 Nivionplast PA 6 Novamid PA 6 Nycoa PA 6 Nydur PA 6 Nylaforce PA 6 Nymax

Technisches Merkblatt Miramid ®

rte für ungefärbte Produkte bei 23°C / 50% r. F. Einheit Prüfvorschrift Kennw: erte . DAM: lf . 1. Allgemeine Eigenschaften : Dichte: g/cm . 3