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Misused Words Worksheet

Commonly Misused Words

Misused Words too, to, and two too - in addition, more than enough, as well to - in the direction of, towards, in contact with, for the purpose of, or to the extent of two - number succeeding the number one; the sum of one plus one Example: Tina had fifty-two pairs of shoes, which was too many to fit on ...

English 09 Worksheet

English 9 Unit 1 Worksheet English 09 Worksheet ... New Brusnwick Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island Newfoundland Yukon Territory Northwest Territories Nunavut PART B Homophones: Homophones are words that sound ...

Words Commonly Confused Worksheet

Words Commonly Confused Worksheet Part 1: For each of the following sentences, circle the word or words that best complete the sentence correctly. ... Part 2: Circle the misused words in the paragraph below. Above the error, write the correct word choice.

Below you will find words which frequently are misused. It's ...

DICTIONARY DISORDER #4 NAME: _____ Below you will find words which frequently are misused. It's your job to figure out their correct usage and fill in the blanks below.

Lesson Plan Title

Name_____ COMMONLY CONFUSED WORDS HOMOPHONES or HOMONYMS Circle the proper form of the homophone in this story about Doug Swingley and his experience in the 2004 Iditarod.


Let's take a closer look.  The English vocabulary contains many terrible twosomes (and threesomes) —words that are commonly misused because of their similar sounds, appearances, and/or meanings.

Commonly Confused Words

Commonly Confused Words 1. Allusion vs. Illusion An allusion refers to implying or referring to something, especially in literature. Ex. The horse mentioned in the text is clearly an allusion to the Trojan horse.

PART A: Match the following poetry terms with their correct ...

) the repetition of the same beginning letter or sound in a group of closely connected words f. ) a word formed using sounds or a sound that is closely connected with that word g.

Vocabulary and Spelling

The spelling practice highlights spelling rules and words that are ex­ ceptions to the rules, words often misused in writing, and words considered difficult to spell for many people.

GED Writing Skills Predictor

... 25 - 42, 43 - 45 ___Subject/Verb Agreement Worksheet ___Skills Bank 3, Blue Disk 2, Lessons 6, 7 ___Pre-GED Advantage Content Unit 6 ___GED Interactive, Unit 3 ___Video: KET Writing, Tape 5 Pronoun ___Steck-Vaughn pp. 168 - 177 ___Cambridge pp. 69 - 82, 83 - 85 ___Pronoun Worksheet ___Misused Words Worksheet ...