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MitoTracker® Mitochondrion-Selective Probes

Revised: 25-June-2008 | MP 07510 Table 1. Contents and storage information. Material Amount Storage Stability MitoTracker® probes 20 vials each containing 50 μg lyophilized solid ≤-20°C * Desiccate Protect from light Avoid freeze-thaw cycles • • • • When in solid form stored as ...

MitoTrackerfi and MitoFluorô Mitochondrion-Selective Probes

MitoTrackerfi and MitoFluorô Mitochondrion-Selective Probes MP 07510 Revised: 04/26/99 Product Information MitoTracker fi and MitoFluorô Mitochondrion-Selective Probes Introduction Molecular Probes' MitoTracker ® probes are a series of novel mitochondrion-selective dyes that are well retained ...

MitoTracker and MitoFluor Mitochondrion-Selective Probes

MitoTracker® and MitoFluor™ Mitochondrion-Selective Probes MitoTracker and MitoFluor Mitochondrion-Selective Probes

Mitochondrial Membrane Potential/Annexin V Apoptosis Kit

MAN0002433 Revised: 12-March-2010 | MP 35116 Mitochondrial Membrane Potential/Annexin V Apoptosis Kit with MitoTracker® Red and Alexa® Fluor 488 annexin V for Flow Cytometry Catalog no. V35116 Introduction Apoptosis is a carefully regulated process of cell death that occurs as a normal part of ...

Fluorescence Tools for Analysis of Apoptosis

6 Mitochondrial Transition Pore Assay Live BPAE cells labeled with CalceinAM, MitoTracker ® Red dye, and Hoechst 33342

MitoTracker Red CMXRos

MitoTracker Red CMXRos Optimised for live HeLa cells grown in DMEM/5% FCS on WPI Fluorodishes. Catalogue number: M7512 (Invitrogen - Molecular Probes) É Diffuses across cell membrane and accumulates in mitochondria É Fixable with aldehyde-based fixative (Labeling takes approximately 25 minutes ...

High-content analysis of cytotoxicity

30 | BioProbes 59 | June 2009 © 2009 Life Technologies Corporation. All rights reserved. These products may be covered by one or more Limited Use Label Licenses (see Invitrogen catalog or www.invitrogen.com).

Product Description Precautions and Disclaimer

Dihydroethidium Product Number D7008 Storage Temperature -0 °C Product Description Molecular Formula: C 21 H 21 N 3 Molecular Weight: 315.4 CAS Number: 104821-25-2 Synonym: hydroethidine 1 Dihydroethidium can be prepared by sodium borohydride reduction of ethidium bromide. 1 This compound has ...

INSTRUCTIONS Cellomics® Multiparameter Apoptosis 1 Kits

MitoTracker/Hoechst Solution Dissolve MitoTracker CMXRos with 94 µl of anhydrous DMSO to make a 1 mM solution. Solution is typically stable for up to 6 months stored at -20°C, desiccated and protected from light.

Image Xpress Micro Data Sheet Rev D

BPAE cells with MitoTracker Red CMXRos, BODIPY FL phallacidin and DAPI. The ImageXpress Micro System is optimized for speed, utilizing a high-speed laser auto-focus option.