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Image 1 ADA Description: This image shows refinery ...

Time Required: 25 minutes Summary In this lesson the students will learn how to classify the materials as mixtures, elements and compounds and identify the properties of each group.

Elements, Compounds, & Mixtures

Name: Class Period: Final Due Date: Thursday December 21, 2006 Elements, Compounds, & Mixtures Objectives Students will be able to: A. Describe pure substances.


LABORATORY ACTIVITY B-3: MIXTURES Prelab Assignment - Define the following terms: 1. Suspension - 2. Colloid - 3. Solution - Purpose: Safety Precautions: Students should wear safety goggles at all times during this experiment.

Uses and Mixtures

Uses and Mixtures Bitumen Guide • Road Construction and Maintenance • Variable Factors • Hot Mix • Mixture Specifications • Road Recycling

Separate a Mixture Using Observations

Middle School Mixtures Name:_____ Separate a Mixture Using Observations Purpose: You will be given a mixture consisting of two parts.

"A dot is a lot!"

Mixtures - a combination of two or more pure substances that are not chemically combined.  Substances held together by physical forces , not chemical  No chemical change takes place  Each item retains its properties in the mixture  They can be separated physically Types of Mixtures ...

Unit 3 Mixtures and Solutions

84 GRADE 7 SCIENCE INTERIM CURRICULUM GUIDE UNIT 3; MIXTURES AND SOLUTIONS All matter can be classifi ed as either mixtures or pure substances. By the end of grade 6, students have encountered and studied many of the properties of matter and how matter can change from one form to another.

REACH Practical Guide on Exposure Assessment and ...

March 2010 REACH Practical Guide / Part III: Mixtures under REACH Important note to the reader This document has been prepared by a VCI working group as part of the joint Cefic/VCI project to develop tools and guidances for industry - in respect of Chemical Safety Assessments, Chemical Safety ...

Solutions and Mixtures Foldable

Solutions and Mixtures Foldable SOL 5.4 VBO 5.4.6 Solution Mixture Solution Mixture This activity gives students exposure to the definition for solution and


Now that we have reviewed homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures, we will discuss a special type of homogeneous mixtures called colloids in which a solutelike substance is dispersed in a solventlike substance.