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HUNTER COLLEGE READING/WRITING CENTER GRAMMAR AND MECHANICS The Verb System : Modals MODALS Modals are a group of auxiliary verbs that are used to express an attitude or idea of prediction, ability, necessity, permission, or politeness.

Passive Form of Modal Verbs

Passive Form of Modal Verbs Modal Verb-Tense Formation in Passive Voice Present Formula Modal + be + past participle Example: Revision for spelling can easily be done on a computer.

Use of Modalsin Academic Use of Modals in Academic

Use of Modalsin Academic Use of Modalsin Academic Use of Modals in Academic Use of Modals in Academic Writing Writing ESL Workshop ESL Workshop Presented by Dana Atwell ESL Coordinator Presented by Dana Atwell ESL Coordinator Presented by Dana Atwell, ESL Coordinator Presented by Dana Atwell ...

Translating Modal Meanings in the EFL Classroom

The high percentage of I THINK predicated uses of modals in the spoken part of the BNC can on the other hand be explained as follows: speakers of English who interact on the basis of personal autonomy will assume that the expression of personal opinions may well have a deontic function: ...

Lexical choice of modal expressions

Klabunde, R. (2007) Generating modals. Proceedings of the Seventh International Workshop on Computational Semantics, Tilburg; pp. 342-345. Kratzer, A. (1981) ...

Modals - Passive Voice

Microsoft Word - Modals-PassvVoice.doc. Worksheet: Azar: Understanding and Using English Grammar , Charts 10-10, 11-4 From Grammar 5 Packet.

Modal verbs in English and Irish

Furthermore, modals are often used to convey subjective senses whereas their basic semantic equivalents are usually used in more objective statements, contrast You

A Study in Syntactic Variation: Double Modal Constructions

However, certain dialects of American English, particularly in the Southeastern U. S. , allow two modals in a clause. These are known as double modal constructions (DMCs) .


Asarina&Holt, Syntax and Semantics of Tagalog Modals 3 no epistemic modal verbs, but since all accounts agree that epistemic mod als take raising structures, there is no need for further evidence to distinguish between the theories. 2.

How do I convey ability, necessity, advisability, possibility ...

525 How can I recognize modals in the passive voice? 44c ALERT: Both used to and would can be used to express repeated actions in the past, ...