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Tunable Monochromator

Tunable Monochromator Introduction The job of a monochromator is to produce a single spectral line from a broadband (multi-wavelength) source. In spectrometers, this can be used to collect light from an atomic emission source, like the atomic emission detector, and allow only a specific line to ...

Double Crystal Monochromator (DCM)

Double Crystal Monochromator (DCM) The CAMD XAS beamline has been in operation since the fall of 1994, first using a double-crystal monochromator (DCM) from the Laboratório Nacional de Luz Síncrotron (LNLS), then using one from Bonn University.

Monochromator Manual

In North America, call 1-972-446-9990 41 Monochromator Manual-EP200Mmd Scanning - EP200Msd Outline Drawing (with base) Features and Benefits Enables measurement in low light applications through high-gain photomultiplier tube Adjusts for varying light conditions through automatic gain ...

The Monochromator and Photomultiplier

Chapter1 The Monochromator and Photomultiplier 1.1 Introduction A monochromator is a device used to isolate a small wavelength interval ofa spectrum.


Remove the monochromator and measure the light through one slit. Q6: Compare with the light measured through the monochromator to find the monochromator throughput.


M-74000 CORNERSTONE 130™ MOTORIZED 1/8m MONOCHROMATOR 3 I. INTRODUCTION In developing the Cornerstone 130™ we leveraged all that experience plus modern computer aided design to come up with a compact, inexpensive monochromator that has all the versatility required by our research customers.

Advantages of Using a Scanning Monochromator

Advantages of Using a Scanning Monochromator This technical note describes ten advantages of using a scanning monochromator in ratio fluorometric experiments studying intracellular cation concentrations.

Acton Research Corporation

Acton Research Corporation SpectraPro ® Monochromator Control Software for Windows 530 Main Street, Acton, MA 01720 Phone: (978)263-3584, Fax: (978)263-5086 Web Site: www.acton-research.com Ver 2.0

The Olis® RSM 1000 Spectrophotometers

A Breakthrough Monochromator is the Center of all Olis RSM 1000 Spectrophotometers The ScanDisk has 16 slits and spins at 62.5 Hz to achieve the 1000 scans per second.


Monochromator based instruments : Monochromator based instruments : How a Grating based instrument works : Diffraction Grating Czerny Turner Optical path Major application is in Analytical chemistry for structure elucidation studies.