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Diversity of Plants: Monocots vs. Dicots?

What are the differences between the monocot and dicot leaf cross sections? What are the functions of the air spaces near the lower surface of the leaf?

Date of the monocot-dicot divergence estimated from ...

Proc. Nati. Acad. Sci. USA Vol. 86, pp. 6201-6205, August 1989 Evolution Date of the monocot-dicot divergence estimated from chloroplast DNA sequencedata (age of angiosperms/phylogeny of cereals/molecular dock) KENNETHH.

Plant Structures: Stems - Colorado State University Extension

Monocot and dicot stems differ in the arrangement of their vascular system. In monocot stems, the xylem and phloem are paired in bundles, with bundles

Leaf Structure

Observe Figure 3 for a comparison of monocot and dicot leaf anatomy. FIGURE 3 Dicot Leaf X.S. (Below) n---Cuticle Bundle Sheath Stoma and Guard cells Monocot Leaf X.S. ...

Leaf Structure Lab

Leaf Structure Lab Purpose : Compare and contrast the structures of monocot and dicot internal leaves. Materials : Prepared slides of Zea mays or corn leaves (monocot), and Lingustrum or sunflower (dicot), compound microscopes, and leaf samples.

Monocot seeds include

I t-Essoil s WrscoNSrN FAST Pr,aNts: BEGINNING rup Cycr,o Seeds Monocot seeds include $rasses, such as corn and rye, and $rains, such as rice and wheat. Each seed has a protective seed coat.

Botany Lab Unit 3 Stem Structure and Function

Explain the differences between the structure of monocot and dicot stems. 7. B.e able to. locate and give the function of the following structures of the monocot stem; ...

Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens Monocots and Dicots: A Crash Course in Cutting and Comparing Corn and Coleus Overview After a lecture on monocot and dicot anatomy, fresh mounts of corn and coleus stem material are used to identify tissues and cells and make ...


MONOCOT FRUITS 1. Find the demonstrations of monocot fruit types. What monocot families have the following fruit types? • berry • caryopsis • drupe • false berry • multiple fruit • capsule 2.a.

Leaf Structure and Function

Exercise I Dicot Leaf Structure Materials Needed Prepared slides of: Syringa leaf , xs or Ligustrum leaf, xs Monocot and Dicot leaf, xs Procedure Examine a prepared slide of a lilac, Syringa, or similar leaf.