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Stems & Leaves

Monocot Stems Monocot Stems The basic stem structures, called primary tissues, are produced from the apical meristem. The outermost tissue layer is the epidermis .

Monocots and Dicots Lesson Plan

Which seed do you think is the monocot and which is the dicot? Why? Part 2: Seed Germination 1. You may wish to have students work individually or in small groups for this activity. 2.

Title: Flowers, fruits and seeds

... pears, plums Solanaceae Potatoes, tomatoes, peppers Note: Corn is a good example of monocot seeds to use when distinguishing from dicot seeds. ...

monocot Tree of life

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Dissect a Seed

Have students create ten sentences giving facts about monocot and dicot seeds. They may work alone or with a partner. Have students use pictures and create a display of foods that come from dicot seeds and monocot seeds. ...

Early Events in Monocot Evolution

Charity Reference No. 220509 Early Events in Monocot Evolution 20 th - 22 nd July 2010 A joint meeting of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and the Linnean Society of London Organised by Dr Paul Wilkin (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew) Sponsored by the Annals of Botany, the Systematics Association and ...

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Features of monocot and dicot plants. Images from Purves et al., Life: The Science of Biology, 4th Edition, by Sinauer Associates ( http://www.sinauer.com/ ) and WH Freeman ( http://www.whfreeman.com/ ), used with permission.

Botany 101

Chances are, terms like "monocot" or "calyx" didn't mean much back then. But now that you're a gardener, it can't hurt to know more about plant parts and types.

View the slide under low, medium and high power. Sketch ...

Stem Lab Monocot Stem Cross Section (Corn Stem) View the slide under low, medium and high power. Sketch accurately and to scale, the cells that exist in the "slice of pie" on the diagram outline below.

round.Kalanchoe (dicot) is a common succulent houseplant and ...

This activity should be preceded by a lecture on angiosperms, including flower anatomy, characteristics of monocot vs. dicot, and brief outline of the angiosperm reproductive cycle ...