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1645 American Journal of Botany 91(10): 1645-1655.2004. M ONOCOT RELATIONSHIPS : ANOVERVIEW 1 M ARK W. C HASE 2,3 2 Molecular Systematics Section, Jodrell Laboratory, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW93DS, UK In 10years, the monocots have gone from being one of the least studied ...

Primary Plant Body: The Shoot System

Observe the cross-section of a typical monocot (in this case grass) leaf . Draw and label the cross-section with the typical leaf tissues and cells.

Herbaceous Stems

2 SO…what's a monocot ? It has to do with seed structure: if an embryonic seed plant has one leaf (one cotyeldon ), it's a monocot. Embryos with two cotyledons are dicots , or eudicots . http://www.rogers.k12.ar.us/users/ehutches/T630888A.gif SO…what's a monocot ? http://www.agen. ufl.edu ...


The parts of monocot flowers are arranged in threes or in multiples of three. Dicots have broad leaves with branched veins. The parts of dicot flowers are arranged in fours and fives or multiples of fours and fives.

Monocot or Dicot?

2.5.2 A joint production of the Onkaparinga Waterwatch Network and Catchment Care Program. These important programs are funded by the Onkaparinga Catchment Water Management Board.

Student Guide for Roots, Stems, and Leaves – F07

Structure of a Monocot Leaf - c.s. monocot leaf - sugar cane, Saccharum Compare your own c.s. of fresh material with a prepared slide. Describe the general tissue and cell organization of a monocot leaf.

CMG GardenNotes #135 Plant Structures: Flowers - Colorado ...

Figure 2. Monocot and dicot flowers . 135-3 Terms Defining Flower Parts Flowers Complete – Flower containing sepals, petals, stamens, and pistil

Lesson #1(a - f) - Teacher Checklist for Plant Structure and ...

Specifically, leaf anatomy, monocot and dicot leaves, seeds, cross-sections of monocot and dicot stems, transport of water and nutrients, etc ...

MONOCOTS versus DICOTS The Two Classes of Flowering Plants

... characters in both groups, and that no single character in the list will infallibly identify a flowering plant as a monocot or dicot. ...

Seed Anatomy and Physiology Monocot and Dicot Seed Structure

Seed Anatomy and Physiology Monocot and Dicot Seed Structure Introduction: In this activity students will be examining the seed structure and development of two members of the Angiosperms.