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MOPEDS Moped Riding In South Carolina

166 MOPEDS Moped Riding In South Carolina The 1986 session of the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina enacted a law regulating the licensing of moped operators.

Moped Manual

This manual was originally published in cooperation with the North Plainfield Board of Education, the New Jersey Police Traffic Officers Association and the MOPED Owners Association.

Riding a Moped Safely

Secretary of State www.Michigan.gov/sos Ruth Johnson Riding A Moped Safely Using Your Mirrors Check your mirrors every few seconds when you slow down, stop, change lanes or approach intersections.

PennDOT Fact Sheet Mopeds, Motor-Driven Cycles and Motorcycles

FACT SHEET MOPEDS, MOTOR-DRIVEN CYCLES AND MOTORCYCLES PURPOSE This fact sheet provides the most accurate and up-to-date information necessary to operate and register a moped, motor-driven cycle or motorcycle in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


ITEM MOPED GENERAL INFORMATION Vehicle Code Section MOTOR VEHICLE "Motor vehicle" means every vehicle that is self-propelled. §257.33 MOPED "Moped" means a 2- or 3-wheeled vehicle which is equipped with a motor that does not exceed 50 cubic centimeters piston displacement, produces 2.0 brake ...

Oregon Motorcycle & Moped Manual 2012 – 2013

Rev up your cycle skills with the training you need to protect yourself. Take a course from Team ORegOn and take your ride to the next level.

Registering and Titling Motorized Bicycles (Mopeds)

Registering and Titling Motorized Bicycles (Mopeds) During the 2006 Iowa legislative session, a bill (House File 2525) was passed, and subsequently signed into law, that changed the definition of bicycle and motorized bicycle (moped), and requires a vehicle to have a manufacturer's label ...

PennDOT - Motorcycles, Motor-Driven Cycles and Mopeds FAQ's

Do I need a helmet or eye protection to operate a moped? No helmet or eye protection is required while operating a moped. Do I need a Class M (motorcycle) license to operate a moped?