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The Morningstar RatingTM for Funds

Investor Benefits Provides focused comparison groups to help investors build multi-fund portfolios Is sensitive to manager skill and fund quality and less sensitive to recent overall performance of the category Gives investors the ability to quickly and easily identify funds that are worthy of ...

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1 Introduction Philip Guziec, CFA, Derivatives Strategist Hi, I'm Philip Guziec, Morningstar derivatives strategist and editor of Morningstar OptionInvestor.


Illuminating investing for 25 years. For 25 years, Morningstar has created independent, objective research and tools for individuals, financial professionals, and institutions.

The Morningstar Investment Conference

Wednesday, June 8 . Preconference Event: Advisor User Forum . Morningstar, Inc., Global Headquarters, Chicago Morningstar is hosting the sixth annual Advisor User Forum—an exclusive event for our Morningstar Office SM , Principia ® , Advisor Workstation SM , and QuoteSpeed SM customers.

Morningstar Fund Flows and Investment Trends

1 ©2010 Morningstar, Inc. All rights reserved. Annual Report 2009 Morningstar Fund Flows and Investment Trends A robust market recovery in 2009 helped funds make up some of the ground lost to outflows in 2008.

Morningstar® Dividend Yield Focus IndexSM

Dividends are one of the few constants in the world of investing, contributing about a third of the stock market's total returns historically. Dividend-paying stocks offer solutions to several investment problems.

Fact Sheet: The New MorningstarStyleBox™ Methodology

Size Large Mid Small Value BlendGrowth Fund Investment Style Fact Sheet: The New MorningstarStyleBox ™ Methodology Background The Morningstar Style Box TM was introduced in 1992 and quickly gained favor within the investment community.

International Cost of Capital Report

International Cost of Capital Report 2011 ©2011 Morningstar, Inc. All rights reserved. Morningstar and the Morningstar logo are either trademarks or service marks of Morningstar, Inc. 3 International Cost of Capital Methodology In using the International Cost of Capital Report, please note that ...

Investment Policy Worksheet

Morningstar's Investment Policy Worksheet Investment Policy Worksheet. Morningstar's Investment Policy Worksheet An Investment Policy Statement forces you to put your investment strategy in writing and commit to a disciplined investment plan.

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