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Mortar Board

Mortar Board National College Senior Honor Society Scholars... Chosen for Leadership...United to Serve NEWS RELEASE 1200 Chambers Road , Suite 201 • Columbus, OH 43212 • 800-989-6266 • www.mortarboard. org FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 14, 2010 VICTORIA LUHRS NAMED NATIONAL MORTAR BOARD ...

Mortar Color: How-To Tips and Information for Contractors and ...

Introduction Many factors are involved in the choice of masonry for use in a building. Certainly, masonry offers advantages in durability, building safety, reliable structural performance, and low maintenance that appeal to the discriminating owner.

Masonry Veneer Mortar

Data Sheets are subject to change without notice. For latest revision, check our website at www.laticrete.com 1. PRODUCT NAME LATICRETE ® Masonry Veneer Mortar 2.


masonry attributes International Masonry Institute The James Brice House 42 East Street Annapolis, MD 21401 phone 410.280.1305 fax 301.261.2855 toll free 800.803.0295 www.imiweb.org Masonry Hotline 800.IMI.0988 (800.464.0988) masonryquestions@imiweb.org Training Hotline 800.JOBS.IMI (800.562 ...

Type N Mortar Mix

A quality mixture of sand and cement. For laying brick, block and stone. For building or repairing chimneys, walls, planters and outdoor grills.


Mortar Web was designed to last for the life of the building. Size: Sandell's Mortar Web is available for 1" and 2" cavity walls. It is 10" - 48" high and is sold in 50' lengths.

Refractory Mortar Standards and Specifications

FIREPLACE BULLETIN REFRACTORY MORTAR STANDARDS & SPECIFICATIONS Revised: January 22, 2009 Manufacturers of Quality Refractories Since 1906 Alsey Refractories Company has been manufacturing the United States * premier fireplace brick and refractory mortar since 1906.

Mortar, brick, and IRA

Consider brick's absorption rate, then select compatible mortar to promote strong bond

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Technical Data APPLICABLE STANDARDS ASTM International • ASTM C 144 Standard Specification for Aggregate for Masonry Mortar • ASTM C 270 Standard Specification for Mortar for Unit Masonry • ASTM C 1329 Standard Specification for Mortar Cement PHySICAL/CHEMICAL PROPERTIES • Holcim Mortamix ...


PRODUCT DATA Ki KRETE GARD MORTAR MIX KRETE INDUSTRIES, INC. An integral polymeric admix for mortar. Creates a water repellent system when used with one