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Pests in the Pantry

Beyond Pesticides/National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides Page 20 Pesticides and You Vol. 23, No. 2, 2003 T hose who have had moths flying around their kitchen know what a hassle it is to get rid of them.

Butterfly and Moth of New York State-Centerfold in ...

New York State Conservationist, June 2005 17 ew York's largest moth, the cecropia can measure six inches from wingtip to wingtip and belongs to the group of moths known as giant silk moths.

GM-1 The Gypsy Moth in Indiana

Can I get a trap for my lawn to control the gypsy moths in my yard? No. The only traps available are sex pheromone traps. These attract males and do not kill enough moths to protect your trees.


1 WRCF POSTER ADULT AND LARVA OF MOTHS OF PENNSYLVANIA Moths and Butterflies Which is Which? DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MOTHS AND BUTTERFLIES The previous WRCF poster on Butterflies and Skippers described basic structural differences of butterflies, skippers, and moths.

Clothes Moth (Tineola bissolliella)

Moths Present Inspection & Monitoring Indoors Indicate Beetle Presence Exclude all flying or crawling insects. Treat all new materials with heat (as above) before allowing into site.

Gypsy Moth in Colorado - Identification and Insects of ...

Regional Insects Similar in Appearance to Gypsy Moth - Female Moths Female gypsy moths (Figure 12) will not be attracted to the gypsy moth traps.

Butterfly and Moth in the Conservationist

Outnumbered only by the beetles, butterflies and moths make up the second largest insect order, Lepidoptera (meaning scale-winged). They are found on all continents except Antarctica, with some 170,000 different species known througho ut the world.

Flour Moths

Flour Moths Fact Sheet No. 1 Dr. Jay B Karren, Extension Entomologist Revised May 2000 Alan H. Roe, Insect Diagnostician Introduction Flour moths of the family Pyralidae are some of the most common and the most serious pests of grain products.

Beautiful Butterflies and Marvelous Moths - by Guy Belleranti ...

Name: _____ Beautiful Butterflies and Marvelous Moths by Guy Belleranti What's the first thing you think of when you hear the words butterfly and moth?

moths an introduction

About 2,500 species of moths have been found in Britain and Ireland, compared