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What Is...a Motive?, Volume 51, Number 10

a Motive? Barry Mazur 1214 N OTICES OF THE AMS V OLUME 51, N UMBER 10 How much of the algebraic topology of a connected finite simplicial complex X is captured by its one-dimensional cohomology?


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S o l u t i o n s i n M o t i o n

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What is a Motive?

What is a Motive? JamesS. Milne March9,2009; v1.02 Abstract Grothendieck introduced the notion of a "motif"inaletterto Serrein 1964. Later he wrote that, among the objects he had been privileged to discover, they were the most charged with mystery and formed perhaps the most powerful instrument ...

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Convicted Rapists'

Chapter 14 Convicted Rapists' Vocabulary of Motive Excuses and Justifications Diana Joseph Marolla this chapter, Diana Scully and Joseph Marolla analyze the excuses and that a group of convicted rapists used to explain themselves and their crimes.

Decision Making using Game Theory

This is an example ofa mixed-motive game . Game theory aims to Wndoptimal solutions to situations of con Xict and cooperation such as those outlined above, under the assumption that players are instrumentally rational and actin their own best interests.