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Moulding &Millwork 1370 County Road 8 | Farmington, NY | USA | 14548 Phone 585 398-2633 | Toll-Free 877 882-2424 | Toll-Free 877 882-2474

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MOULDING & MILLWORK BOSTON 425 Whitney St, Northborough, MA 01532 Phone: 800-355-0383 Phone: 508-393-9959 Fax: 508-393-9010 MOULDING & MILLWORK NEWARK Bldg. 3 - 1578 Sussex Turnpike, Randolph, NJ 07869 Phone: 888-784-9502 Phone: 973-584-0040 Fax: 973-584-0058 MOULDING & MILLWORK ROCHESTER ...


SPACE-AGE SUPER-SLICK BEDBOARD Originally designed by two cabinet shop owners for their molding work, this new accessory also improves planing performance.


3 MOULDING GUIDE GUÍA DE MOLDURAS THE FINISHING TOUCHES THAT DEFINE A ROOM Moulding can add formal or casual elements, create new architectural interest, develop a sense of scale, incorporate and enhance pre-existing architectural features and bring in complementary or contrasting colors and ...

moldingknives.com 2011 Price List

moldingknives.com Updated 01-11-11 Page 1 of 18 moldingknives.com 2011 Price List The prices shown are for individual knives unless otherwise noted.


Moldings Fypon produces a wide variety of moldings that can be used for both the inside and outside of the house. Note: Some moldings may requre end trimming up to 6".

S U B J E C T T O C H A N G E W I T H O U T N O T I C E ...

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Section 6: MOULDING: ALUMINUM, VINYL, OAK The Loxcreen Company, Inc. Effective January 1, 2009 CARPET BAR 1. 3', 6' and 8' pieces are poly-packed.

Dip Moulding

Plastic Mouldings is the principal custom dip moulder in Europe. We have been a leader in the development of the process and its applications for over 40 years.

Blow Molding - RIL

BLOW MOULDING Blow moulding is a process for manufacturing hollow articles. The articles commonly made are bottles, edible and lube oil containers, jerry cans, drums, toys and automotive components.