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Under Armour Performance Mouthwear powered by ArmourBite ...

(Available Fall 2009) Performance mouthguard for contact sports. Superior protection and comfort. UA PERFORMANCE MOUTHPIECE UA PERFORMANCE ALLOY MOUTHPIECE UA PERFORMANCE MOUTHGUARD

Trombone Mouthpieces

It is also a perfect match for VB 34 and 36 trombones, giving a big-bore tone quality to a ML trombone, VB 7C, 6 ½ A, Schilke 47 Huge sound for such a small mouthpiece 9BL 25.00mm V-type Similar to the 9BS, below, but with large bore fitting.

Does The Material Used Make Any Difference In How Mouthpieces ...

60 February/March 1995 Ralph Morgan The Saxophone Mouthpiece D oes the material used make any difference in how mouthpieces play? In my last two columns, we looked at the various types of materials used for mouthpieces, which included wood, metals, synthetics, and crystal.

magazine N°2

choosing the right mouthpiece (1 st part: clarinet) interviews: g.deplus, l.konitz, k.leister, d.montanaro, f. moretti vandoren and contemporary creation

Osmun Horn Mouthpieces

Osmun Horn Mouthpieces Osmun mouthpieces are organized into "sound families", identified by the cities where they developed, to provide a logical path to choosing the right mouthpiece for you.

The Trumpet Mouthpiece: A study of its history, function and ...

1 Mouthpiece History In order to understand past developments in trumpet mouthpieces it is important to recognize that the trumpet has evolved greatly over the course of time, perhaps more than any other instrument.

Does Saxophone Mouthpiece Material Matter? Introduction

Does Saxophone Mouthpiece Material Matter? Introduction There is a longstanding issue among saxophone players about how various materials used in mouthpiece manufacture effect the tonal qualities of a saxophone.

Instructions for molding your mouthpiece

Instructions for molding your mouth guard 1. Bring the water to a boil. Hold your mouth guard by the strap, dip it into the water until it is completely covered with water.

Lamberson FMaj7 mouthpiece for Soprano saxophone - eBay (item ...

Lamberson FMaj7 mouthpiece for Soprano saxophone - eBay (item 140224440980 end time Apr-20-08 14_13_16 PDT)