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MPC7450 RISC Microprocessor Family Reference Manual

MPC7450 RISC Microprocessor Family Reference Manual Supports MPC7448 MPC7447A MPC7457 MPC7447 MPC7455 MPC7445 MPC7451 MPC7441 MPC7450 MPC7450UM Rev. 5

MPC7450 RISC Microprocessor Family Product Brief

All information herein applies to the MPC7445, except where otherwise noted (in particular, the L3 cache information does not apply to the MPC7445). 1.5MPC7457 Microprocessor Overview The MPC7457 operates similarly to the MPC7455.

VxWorks for PowerPC Architecture Supplement, 5.5, Edition 3

... DCPU=PPC603 gnu-G 0 -fno-builtin -mcpu=603 -DCPU=PPC603 PPC604 diab PPC604, PPC604e, MPC745, PPC750, PPC750CX, PPC750CXe, MPC755, MPC7400 *, MPC7410 *, MPC7445 *, MPC7450 *, MPC7455 *-tPPC604FH:vxworks55 -DCPU=PPC604 gnu-G 0 -fno-builtin -mcpu=604 -DCPU=PPC604 PPC604 diab Altivec-enabled MPC7400, MPC7410, MPC7445 ...

iii Contents

, MPC7445 *, MPC7450 *, MPC7455 * * Motorola PowerPC MPC74xx CPUs are treated as a variation of the PowerPC 604 CPU type. AltiVec support in the MPC74xx processors is in addition to the existing PPC604 functionality.

Freescale Power Architectureâ„¢ Product Portfolio

... pin HiCTE BGA or LGA, 360- or 484-pin FC-CBGA, 255-pin PBGA packaging >Fully compatible host bridges available from Tundra Semiconductor and Marvell Applications >Home media, web and storage servers >Imaging and printing >Industrial and military >Kiosks >Networking host MPC7XXX Family Processors MPC7410, MPC7445 ...

Power Management Application*Guide forMotorola PowerPC and ...

Recommended Solutions and Power Requirements for PowerPC and PowerQUICC Device Families 3 Motorola PowerPC Host Processors Device Generation Peak I CORE Current Requirement Recommended Intersil Power Solutions V DDL (V) (A) V IN = +5V V IN = +3.3V MPC7455/57 4 1.3, 1.6, 1.85 27.0 ISL6563 MPC7447 4 1.1, 1.3 23.1 MPC7445 4 1.3, 1.6 ...