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Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters ABOUT THE STORY Mufaro has two daughters: Nyasha, who is kind and gentle, and Manyara, who is ill-tempered and unhappy.


 2004 GPN/University of Nebraska-Lincoln. All rights reserved. READING RAINBOW TEACHER'S GUIDE Program #55 — Mufaro's Beauitiful Daughters MUFARO'S BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS Author: John Steptoe Publisher: William Morrow THEME: By celebrating the African heritage of black Americans, we learn ...

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters

Questions for Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters Answer these questions in complete sentences. Watch your spelling and punctuation. 1. How far was it from Mufaro's village to the village of the great king?

Adapted fortheStage by KarenAbbott Dallas Children’s ...

-Adapted from John Steptoe’s critically-acclaimed children’s book, Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughterstellsthe tale of two beautiful sisters in Zimbabwe, Africa.

Mufaros' Beautiful Daughters

MUFARO'S BEAUTIFULDAUGHTERS By John Steptoe (Lothrop) Themes: African Culture, Relationships Grade Level: 3-5 Running Time: 14 minutes SUMMARY In a small African village lives a man named Mufaro and his two beautiful daughters, Manyara and Nyasha.

mufaro's Beautiful Daughters

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Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters is an African folktale. Author and illustrator John Steptoe created Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters from a story collected by G. M. Theal when he was in Africa, and published in 1895 in his book, Kaffir Folktales.


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mufaro's beautiful daughters

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Read or reread Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters and compare the stage adaptation to the version by John Steptoe. Ask students to describe aspects of the story that were different in the play from the book.