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MultiPROBE II: Nucleic Acid Workstation - Genomic Analysis ...

Reliable, High Quality Results for Genomic Analysis and Drug Discovery MultiPROBE II Nucleic Acid Workstation

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Multiprobe Users Manual 2 Multiprobe • 819 Reddick St. • Santa Barbara, CA 93103 Tel +1 805.560.0404 • Fax +1 805.560.0414 • www.multiprobe.com • support@multiprobe.com a.

A New Approach for SRAM Soft Defect Root Cause Identification

A New Approach for SRAM Soft Defect Root Cause Identification Peter Egger "*, Stefan Miiller ", Martin Stiftinger a) lnfineon Technologies, COM BTS PFS FA2, Otto-Hahn-Ring 6, 81739 Munich, Germany b) lnfineon Technologies, AIM OPP ATM RI, Am Campeon 1-12, Neubiberg, Germany * Corresponding ...

Multiprobe II Application Note - Automated Plate ELISA and ...

Multiprobe II Application Note - Automated Plate ELISA and Dot Blot Assays Using AcroWell 96 Filter PLates and a MultiProbe II Workstation with Integrated Plate Reader

MultiPROBE® II PLUS Family

www.perkinelmer.com MultiPROBE ® II PLUS Family Automated Liquid Handling Systems SPECIFICATIONS SHEET Introduction The MultiPROBE II PLUS is a robotic liquid handling

MultiPROBE®II Application Note

MultiPROBE ® II Application Note www.perkinelmer. com MUL T IPROBE II APPLICA T ION NOTE Fully Automated Purification of Genomic DNA using the NucleoSpin ® 96-well System and the MultiPROBEII HT EX Automated Liquid Handling System with Integrated Robotic Centrifuge Ralf Griebel and Paul Lomax ...

PPN 1694233 - Rev. B

Customer Training Program MultiPROBE® II and MultiPROBE® II HT Automated Liquid Handling Systems PerkinElmer, Life Sciences 2200 Warrenville Road Publication No. 1694233 Rev. B Downers Grove, IL 60515 07/02 630 / 969-6000 PerkinElmer, Life Sciences 2002

Manta 2

Manta 2 ™ Water Quality Multiprobe Manual Release date 10/22/08 Eureka Environmental Engineering 2113 Wells Branch Parkway, Suite 4400 Austin, TX 78728 Tel: 512-302-4333 Fax: 512-251-6842 sale s@eurekaenvironment al.com support@eureka environmental.com www.eurekaenvironmental. com 1

Eureka Manta Startup Guide

If you are using your multiprobe across vastly different environments, you may wish to calibrate certain sensors depending upon the environment.

Multiprobe FISH for Enhanced Detection of Bladder Cancer in ...

Anatomic Pathology / FISH FOR UROTHELIAL CARCINOMA DETECTION © American Society of Clinical Pathologists Am J Clin Pathol 2001;116:79-86 79