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Murad Inclusive Health Medical Group is nationally and internationally recognized for excellence and for the exceptional results achieved by combining exclusive resurfacing formulas with Inclusive pre-peel and post-peel protocols.


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3 Tolstoy HADJI MURAD by Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy First Published in 1904 Translation by Louise and Aylmer Maude CHAPTER I I was returning home by the fields.

In the Early Hours: Reflections on Spiritual and Self ...

This book is a collection of inspirational advice by a dear and beloved teacher, Ustadh Khurram Murad on the subject of spiritual and self development.

A Tribute to

ss| face 2 Face With his 'inclusive approach' to beauty, Dr. Howard Murad debunks the belief that beauty is only skin deep. In an exclusive interview with SS, he talks about his passion for transforming lives and his revolutionary beauty products...

Toshiba VoIP Solution Helps Murad Beautify the World

Strata CIX VoIP Business Communication System Toshiba VoIP Solution Helps Murad Beautify the World Founded in 1989 by Howard Murad, M.D., one of the world's leading authorities in skin health, Murad (www.murad.com) is based in El Segundo, Calif., which is home to the Murad Medical Group, the ...

By MahmoudR. murad

In order to make this easy for His slaves, Allah sent them Messengers to guide them to His path, instruct them how to worship Him, give good news of endless bliss in the next world to those who obey them, and warn those who disobey them against a severe punishment in the next world.

Way to The Quran By Khurram Murad

Source: www.prophetmuhammadforall.org 1 Way to The Quran By Khurram Murad 'Be thankful to Me, and to your parents' (Luqman 31:14) to MY MOTHER At her knees I learnt to read the Qur'an, upon her insistance that I must learn Arabic I was sent to the school maulavi saheb who gave me the rudimentary ...


Murad was shot in the head March 17 while sitting in a vehicle in his car lot, the Metro Car Company, near 7 Mile and Woodward in Detroit. Murad was under investigation at the time, suspected of selling high-end cars to drug traffickers in a money-laundering scheme, the indictment said.


CHAPTER I I was returning home by the fields. It was midsummer, the hay harvest was over and they were just beginning to reap the rye. At that season of the year there is a delightful variety of flowers --red, white, and pink scented tufty clover; milk-white ox-eye daisies with their bright ...