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Children Who Suffer in Silence

Children Who Suffer in Silence By Jean Jardine Miller Despite the greater understanding created by significant research during the last decade, children with selective mutism are still, far too often, misdiagnosed.

What is Mutism?

Cerebellar Mutism z Occurs after surgery in the vermis of the cerebellum. z Language and speech abilities are normal immediately post surgery, with mutism developing anywhere from 1 to 2 days later. z Patients are cognitively alert but experience difficulty initiating oral movements and ...

Reduced Auditory Efferent Activity in Childhood Selective Mutism

Reduced Auditory Efferent Activity in Childhood Selective Mutism Yair Bar-Haim, Yael Henkin, Daphne Ari-Even-Roth, Simona Tetin-Schneider, Minka Hildesheimer, and Chava Muchnik Background: Selective mutism is a psychiatric disorder of childhood characterized by consistent inability to speak in ...

Is there an affect between Diet and SM

Is there an affect between Diet and SM? By Dr Elisa Shipon-Blum CEO & Exec Medical Director SMG~CAN Director: SM Anxiety Research and Treatment Center www.selectivemutism.org SMinfo@selective mutism.org To date, there are no formal studies to prove or disprove that diet has an affect on ...

HCHS section 8

S8-167 Helping Children at Home and School II: Handouts for Families and Educators SELECTIVE MUTISM: A PRIMER FOR PARENTS AND EDUCATORS By Thomas J. Kehle, PhD, Melissa A. Bray, PhD, NCSP, University of Connecticut; & Lea A. Theodore, PhD, Hofstra University Selective mutism is a rare disorder ...

Tips For Parents Seeing Signs Of Mutism Sunday, February 06, 2000

Microsoft Word - Tips For Parents Seeing Signs Of Mutism CHICAGO tribune

Selective Mutism

Selective Mutism Selective Mutism has been defined as an anxiety disorder in which a person refuses to speak in certain situations in which they are expected to speak, but otherwise speak normally in other situations.


texas speech-language-hearing association 54th annual convention - march 25-27, 2010 selective mutism 101 - identification and initial management julie morris, m. ed., ccc/slp poteau, oklahoma 918-931-9858 okayjam@yahoo.com robert c. thompson, ph. d., ccc/slp tulsa, oklahoma 918-585-3074 ...


STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM How can I help Michael (all names hereafter are pseudonyms), a first grade ESL student, overcome selective mutism? Related questions that I will attempt to answer are: 1) Is this selective mutism due to being limited English proficient or some other causes such as ...

Unlocking the Mystery of Selective Mutism

School intervention is imperative for the child with Selective Mutism, as school is generally the environment that creates the most anxiety and avoidance.