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Exophytic infl ammatory myofi broblastic tumor of the stomach ...

Park SH, Kim JH, Min BW, Song TJ, Son GS, Kim SJ, Lee SW, Chung HH, Lee JH, Um JW. Exophytic inflammatory myofi broblastic tumor of the stomach in an adult woman: A rare cause of hemoperitoneum.

Muscle Tissue

Other myofi ber nuclei (8) can be seen at the periphery of the myofi bers. Note that they exhibit a similar chromatin pattern as the three nuclei previously des cribed.


Each of the myofi brils contains many fi bers called myofi laments , which run parallel to the myofi bril axis. The myofi laments are made up of two different proteins: actin (thin myofi laments) and myosin (thick myofi lam ents) that give skeletal muscle fi bers their striated (striped ...

Vascular Soft-Tissue Tumors in Infancy:

AJR:178, June 2002 1541 Vascular Soft-Tissue Tumors in Infancy: Distinguishing Features on Doppler Sonography OBJECTIVE. We describe the sonographic appearance and vascularization of three types of vascular tumors, including hemangioendothelioma, tufted angioma, and infantile myofi-bromatosis ...

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"BFM" programis mixedviT. dacviTi Terapis Semdgom periodSi remisiaSi myofi pacientebis monitoringi "BFM" programis mixedviT *sisxlis bioqimiuri analizi: bilirubini, feritini, Saqari, ALT, AST, LDH; **Tirkmlis funqciuri sinjebi: kreatinini, Ca,Na, K; ***virusologiuri kvleva: HBV ...

Myofibroma of the oral cavity. A rare spindle cell neoplasm

This communication describes a solitary myofi-broma of the tongue of a 23-year-old man with emphasis in clinical, histopathological and immunohistochemical features of this lesion.

understanding & working with myofascial trigger points

Each fi ber is fi lled with myofi brils, which are composed of actin and myosin fi laments. Figure 2. The actin and myosin fi laments of a myofi bril are arranged into units called sarcomeres.

Type 1 interferons and myositis

is preferentially located in perifascicular myofi bers and in blood vessel walls. Adapted from [2] with permission. Greenberg Arthritis Research & Therapy 2010, 12(Suppl 1):S4


The myofi broblasts are believed to react aber-rantly to hormones (particularly progesterone) that start as a focal accentuation of mammary physiologic changes during the menstrual cycle 1, 5, 6.

MUSCLE in Health and Disease

could be involved in myofi bril organization downstream of membrane depolarization. To distinguish between these two mechanisms, we used a pharmacological ap