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The devil to pay: a cost of mutualism with

The devil to pay: a cost of mutualism with Myrmelachista schumanni ants in'devil'sgardens' is increased herbivory on Duroiahirsuta trees MeganE. Frederickson * andDeborahM.

Tropical rainforests as dynamic symbiospheres of life

is the Myrmelachista—Duroia symbiosis. Known also as the “lemon” ant because of its citric taste when eaten, Myrmelachista schumanni alter rainforest landscapes dra

How to Write Scientific Names of Organisms

How to Write Scientific Names of Organisms General: Scientific names are Latin (or latinized) names assigned to particular organisms, living or extinct, based on binomial system of nomenclature.

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However, studies of a different ant-plant mutualism — between an unidentified species of Myrmelachista and the ant-plants To coca guianensis and Clidemia heterophylla — indicated that Myrmelachista may create stands comprising only its host plants by using herbicide 6,7.


These are the native species Formica subsericea and Solenopsis xyloni, and the exotic species Myrmelachista ramulorum and Tetramor-ium lanuginosum. The 49 species that have been added to the list were overlooked before for various reasons.

Myrmelachista gallicola (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) y primera ...

ISSN 0373-5680 Rev. Soc. Entomol. Argent. 65 (3-4): 89-92, 2006 89 NOTA CIENTÍFICA Redescripción de la obrera de Myrmelachista gallicola (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) y primera cita para la provincia de La Pampa (Argentina)

The internal phylogeny of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

cocystus mexicanus, Myrmelachista gallicola, Myrmoteras sp. (Sulawesi), Oecophylla longinoda, Oecophylla smarag- dina, Polyrhachis medusa, Polyrhachis militaris, Polyrhachis

Florida Entomologist

No Pseudacteon flies were observed flying over any of the other ants tested (number of trials is shown in parentheses): Atta sexdens (18), Monomorium pharaonis (16), Camponotus rufipes (14), Paratrechina sp. (7), Odontomachus minu-tus (6), Myrmelachista autori (6), Ectatomma quadridens (5), Pachycondyla striata (5), ...

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... Meyer-Knapp Knapp Sustainable Design Community Action Art Project $1,000 Dane Brunson Heying The significance of size dimorphism on sexual success in male rough-skinned newts ( Taricha granulosa ) $542 Daniel J. Cox, Kira Kranzler, Nick Bromen, Brendan McGarry Longino Dirks McKinstry Myrmelachista Ants: An ...

Grant Ramsey

Grant Ramsey CV - Page 4 of 4 Biology Researcher : Designed and implemented study of the Myrmelachista - Ocotea cloud forest ant-plant mutualism. Monteverde, Costa Rica, December 1995-March 1996.