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small, mostly rather brightly colored, honeyeaters (Meliphagidae), EVOLUTION IN THE GENUS MYZOMELA (AVES: MELIPHAGIDAE) $


The third Udo tree attracted extraordinary numbers of Oedistoma pygmaeum and the Myzomela honeyeaters, while Oreornis obscuras was comparatively scarce.

1 Birdquest Detailed Tour Description: The Solomon Islands

We will see our first Makira endemics such as White-headed Fruit-Dove, Sooty Myzomela, San Cristobal Melidectes, White-collared Monarch, Ochre-headed Flycatcher, San Cristobal Starling and Mottled Flowerpecker, as well as the regionally-endemic Yellow-bibbed Fruit-Dove and Yellow-bibbed Lory.

Why have scientific names?

Scientific names are often based on the appearance of the species or include the name of people or places associated with the discovery—for example: Red-headed honeyeater Myzomela erythrocephala Myzomela to suck honey erythrocephala red-headed A scientific name is not accepted until it appears in print with ...

Mangroves provide three different types of habitats:

... Cardisoma carnifex Sesarma sp Scylla serrata Macrobrachimum lar English: Land crab Redclaw Mangrove crab Freshwater prawn Samoan: Tupa U'a Pa'alimago Ula vai Crustaceans: Scientific: Foulehaio carunculata Gallirallus philippensis Halcyon recurvirostris Aplonia atrifusca Pachycephala flavifrons Myzomela cardinalis English ...

Papua New Guinea III & New Britain Extension Trip Report

Black-bellied Myzomela (BA) Myzomela erythromelas Three birds were seen on New Britain Red-collared Myzomela (NG) Myzomela rosenbergii We enjoyed several sightings of this very attractive honeyeater in the highlands.

Pacific Island Network Quarterly

The Micronesian honeyeater (Myzomela rubratra), golden white-eye (Cleptornis Have you ever wanted to explore the art of GPS Photo Files…Hello Google Earth™!

Forest Bird and Fruit Bat Populations on Sarigan, Mariana Islands

We recorded five species of forest birds on Sarigan: Micronesian Honeyeater ( Myzomela rubratra ), Micronesian Megapode ( Megapodius laperouse laperouse ), Micronesian Starling ( Aplonis opaca ), Collared Kingfisher ( Halcyon chloris ), and White-throated Ground Dove ( Gallicolumba xanthonura ).

O Manulele a Samoa / Beautiful Birds of Samoa

Common Name: Cardinal Honey-eater Scientific name: Myzomela cardinalis nigriventris Size: 9cm Habitat: A broad range from mangroves, to villages and forest.

Papua New Guinea II Trip Report

Mountain (Midget) Myzomela (NG) Myzomela adolphinae We had several nice sightings of this attractive species in the highlands with our best views at Mt Hagen.