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Create Your Own Name Tag

Use the materials (crayons, markers, etc.) on the table to create your nametag. Trish Tomato Larry Lima Bean Example Lucy Lettuce I thrive in sunshine.

Name Tag Holder Pattern

2008  Name Tag Holder Pattern by Leah Day For More Patterns and Information Head to www.daystyledesigns.com Name Tag Holder Pattern By Leah Day I created this pattern out of necessity when I joined my local quilt guild.

Quinobequin Quilters, Inc. Paper-pieced Name Tag Pattern

Place the right sides of the nametag front and back together. Center the batting/interfacing on the back of the nametag front and pin in place.

Thoughts of You Stitched Nametag

Instructions: 1.QUEEN STITCH HEARTS: Using 1 strand of "Mountain Meadow" Waterlilies silk, and working right to left, stitch according to Diagram A.


When you store these numbers in its memory, you give each one a nametag. When you want to place a telephone call, you can recall the number by giving the system the nametag.

Multilingual NameTag TM

Multilingual NameTag TM Multilingual Internet Surveillance System Multimedia Fusion System SRA International 4300 Fair Lakes Court

Victorian Nametag Free Pattern

Victorian Nametag Free Pattern I designed this new Free "Victorian Nametag" for last year's Victorian Stitching Holiday and now we'd like to share it with all of you, so you can stitch it too!

NetOwl TM Server

NameTag NameTag represents the key technology behind NetOwl's indexing ability. NameTag is a data extraction engine that identifies and interprets key elements of free text, particularly names of people, organizations and locations.

Volunteer nametags

Volunteer nametags What is the nametag incentive? As you graduate through the Master Naturalist program, you will be given an incentive nametag. These special nametags, made from a renewable wood ( Alnus rubra ), are intended to help you serve with pride.

Stitch Guide:

... grey green dk Pat's Flowers Stitch - Flowers: White or color of your choice You may place flowers on the vine randomly French knots - Buds: #93* - antique blue med Backstitch - hearts: #93* - antique blue med Satin Stitch - hearts, fill saw tooth border: white Satin Stitch - basket: #677 - old gold vy lt A Nametag ...