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Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana

Regulations for obtaining use of the collective trade mark "Verace Pizza Napoletana" - (Vera Pizza Napoletana). Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana

Xis specific in itself

Description of the agricultural product or foodstuff to which the name under point 3.1 applies 'Pizza Napoletana'TSG is round with a variable diameter not exceeding 35 cmandaraisedrim and is garnished and baked in the oven.


P i z za Napoletana Tomato, mozzarella, anchovies & olives 16.0 Funghi (v) Tomato, mozzarella & mushroom 16.0 Marinara Tomato, mozzarella & seafood 18.0 Prosciutto Tomato, mozzarella, prosciutto, rocket & shaved parmesan 18.0 Vedura (v) Tomato, mozzarella & seasonal roasted vegetables 18.0 ...

“ragu alla napoletana” —— veal shank, short ribs ...

“CUCINA NAPOLETANA” SERVES TWO 76 “col’ ori di napoli maccaroncello” “ragu alla napoletana” —— veal shank, short ribs & pork sausage with

P26874 V2_Tony's Napoletana Menu_inside Fall Winter2011

ITALIAN WHITE ANCHOVY WITH CALABRESE PEPPERS $10 PANCETTA WRAPPED DATES with imported gorgonzola and local Marshall farm honey $8 CALAMARI FRITTI traditional or calabrese style $11 DEEP FRIED STRING BEANS tossed with garlic and olive oil $7 WHITE WINE MUSSELS $11 BAKED BURRATA served in a bed of ...


CLASSIC LASAGNA NAPOLETANA Prepared by Chef Mario Visco, Pulcinella Ristorante 1 oz butter 2 Italian Sausage sliced 6 cups marinara red sauce ½ pound of Italian salami and Ham 2 boxes of lasagna pasta basil 1 pound of Ricotta cheese black pepper 1 pound of Mozzarella cheese salt 12 small ...

Neapolitan Pasta and Chickpeas Munnezzaglia e ceci alla ...

www.cbc.ca/ciaobella Neapolitan Pasta and Chickpeas Munnezzaglia e ceci alla napoletana There was a time when dry pasta was only sold in bulk, wrapped in blue cardboard.

What is Settebello?

Pizze All our pizzas adhere to the strictest standards set forth by the Vera Pizza Napoletana (VPN) organization. The VPN promotes the art of pizza making as it has been done in Napoli for over 200 years.

Announcement Second Ave

The newest installment, called Numero 28 Pizzeria Napoletana , is located at 176 Second Avenue (bet. 11 th and 12 th Streets) in the East Village and is modeled after the original and current site in the West Village (28 Carmine St.) with the same name.


CUCINA NAPOLETANA ANTIPASTI Mozzarella en Carozza Olive oil poached mozzarella $8 Rapini con Salsiccia Sautéed sausage & broccoli rabe $6 Meatballs Three fire baked meatballs $8 Artichoke Fritto Fried artichoke with lemon aioli $6 Eggplant Saltimbocca Fried eggplant, prosciutto & mozzarella $8 ...