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Mathematics at Gottingen under the Nazis

Mathematics at Göttingen under the Nazis Saunders Mac Lane 1134 N OTICES OF THE AMS V OLUME 42, N UMBER 10 The Mathematical Institute in Göttingen in 1931 had an outstanding tradition: Gauss, Riemann, Dirichlet, Felix Klein, Minkowski and Hilbert.

More than Nazi money went underground

That is what we have to work for from now on.'" - The Nazis Go Underground , by Curt Riass, Doubleday, Doran, and Co., Inc.1944, p. 4-5 "Ex"-S.S. men infiltrated, among other things, every major intelligence apparatus on earth.


• How did the Nazis use the media to spread their idea? • What other forms of propaganda did the 3 rd Reich use? • How did the Nazis use culture as a form of propaganda?

Another side of the Nazi rights issue

Roger Simon Another side of the Nazi rights issue In the last few days, Chicago newspapers have carried headlines about a suspected Nazi war criminal being discovered in Miami, a convicted Nazi war criminal escaping from Italy in a suitcase and local Nazis planning to march in the suburb of Skokie.

nazi ideology

As part of their wide-reaching efforts to remove from German territory all those whom they considered racially, biologically, or socially unfit, the Nazis terrorized many other groups as well, including Roma (also known as Gypsies), Germans with mental and physical disabilities, homosexuals ...

Nazi Rise to Power in Germany

Elections of 1930 - Nazis get 18% of vote, became 2 nd largest party G. 1931: Hitler's niece and love interest, Geli Raubal, committed suicide H. Hitler's Rise to Power 1.1932: Hitler defeated in bid for presidency, but Nazis gained power 2.


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The Other Victims: First-Person Stories of Non-Jews Persecuted by the Nazis. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1990, pp. 47-59. Helmreich, Ernst Christian.

The Rise of the Neo-Nazis in Germany

1 The Rise of the Neo-Nazis in Germany In 1933, Adolf Hitler established a Nazi dictatorship in Germany. His regime would go on to perpetrate one of the greatest crimes in world history: the Jewish holocaust during the Second World War.

The Nazis Go Underground

ATTHE end of August 1943Dr. Alexander Loudon, Netherlands Ambassador to Washington, made a most interesting forecast about the outcome and aftermath of the war.