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Avoiding Common Errors in XBRL Creation

Public companies should not be penalized for these errors - they should be given the tools and the information to establish best practices and create the highest quality data. 1 A negated label is one that causes numeric values of an element to be displayed with their sign flipped. 2 Dimensions are the ...

Signage of Numbers, Negated Labels and Balance Types

1 Content • Session material and link to replay of webc of days after the event ast are available on our website a couple • http://www.rrdonnelley

NEG Main effect of Anaphor: F1 < 1; F2 < 1 F1 < 1; F2 < 1 ...

Negation is a cue to the comprehender to do two things: First, simulate the negated state of affairs, and second, simulate the actual state of affairs (cf. Kaup & Zwaan, 2003).

Tennesseev. Lane : How Illegitimate Power Negated Non ...

Tennesseev. Lane : How Illegitimate Power Negated Non-Existent Immunity Robert A. Levy Overview Tennesseev. Lane is about sovereign immunity and congressional power.

Journal of Biomedical Informatics

A Simple Algorithm for Identifying Negated Findings and Diseases in Discharge Summaries Journal of Biomedical Informatics

Human factor can't be negated

Spill puts a sheen on Riceboro Creek Chemtall Inc. appears responsible; EPD continues to investigate Savannah Morning News May 1, 2006 The Georgia Environmental Protection Division is investigating a chemical spill from the Chemtall Inc. plant in Riceboro.

SOVR Rules for Sneak Peek

The selected card's effect(s) is negated during that turn. During each of your Standby Phases, pay 500 Life Points or destroy this card. This effect targets 1 face-up card on the field.

The Cognitive Dynamics of Negated Sentence Verification

The Cognitive Dynamics of Negated Sentence Verification Rick Dale, Nicholas D. Duran Department of Psychology, The University of Memphis Received 27January 2010; received in revised form 7 September 2010; accepted 23 September 2010 Abstract We explored the influence of negation on cognitive ...


robinson.offtoprinter.doc 1/17/2005 11:23:13 am 1361 human agency, negated subjectivity, and white structural oppression: an analysis of critical race

Does understanding negation entail affirmation? An ...

+Models Does understanding negation entail affirmation? An examination of negated metaphors § Uri Hasson a, *, Sam Glucksberg b , 1 a Brain Research Imaging Center, Biological Science Division, The University of Chicago, 5841S.