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Neighborhood Knowledge for Change

The Partners The Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security is an independent, non-profit center founded in 1987 to do applied policy research to assist policymakers, communities, and activists with finding sustainable solutions to natural resource and community ...

Neighborhood Demographics

October 12, 2000 Appendix B Midtown Neighborhoods Plan A - 4 Neighborhood History The following text was written and researched by MidTown on Blanco.

Crime Prevention Research Review

Suggested citation: Holloway, Katy, Trevor Bennett, and David P. Farrington. Crime Prevention Research Review No. 3: Does Neighborhood Watch Reduce Crime?

S.C.E.N.I.C. Team. S.C.E.N.I.C. is a combination of personnel ...

neighbors and renewing our neighborhood through the Covenant Neighborhood Association. Kathy Geiger - Treasurer Kathy has lived in the City of Saginaw for 5 years now.

Neighborhood Plan

PORTLAND CITY COUNCn.. E. Bud Clark, Mayor Earl Blumenauer, Commissioner Dick Bogle, Commissioner Gretchen Kafoury, Commissioner Mike Lindberg, Commissioner PORTLAND CITY PLANNING COMMISSION Martha PeckAndrews, President W. Richard Cooley, Vice President Stan Amy, Commissioner Estill Deitz ...


STOP NEIGHBORHOOD SPEEDING A little extra speed makes a big impact. Spread the word about the danger created by neighborhood speeding. Copy the graphic at the top of this page into your community's newsletter and post our video PSA on your neighborhood website.

The Brown Act and Neighborhood Councils

The Brown Act and Neighborhood Councils Page 1 Congress of Neighborhoods - August 3, 2002 Congress of Neighborhoods August 3, 2002 THE BROWN ACT AND NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCILS Office of the City Attorney Neighborhood Council Advice Division What Is The Ralph M. Brown Act?

Neighborhood Centers Inc. Narrative (PDF)

Promise Neighborhoods Planning Grant Neighborhood Centers Inc. Narrative, Page 1 of 44 GULFTON PROMISE Table of Contents I. NEED FOR THE PROJECT ( Priority Requirement 1) A. Description of Gulfton Neighborhood 2 B. Neighborhood needs, assets and gaps 3 II.

Morenoff, Sampson, and Raudenbush

Neighborhood Inequality, Collective Efficacy, and the Spatial Dynamics of Urban Violence Jeffrey D. Morenoff University of Michigan Robert J. Sampson University of Chicago Stephen W. Raudenbush University of Michigan This is a revised version of a paper presented at the national conference ...