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NorthEast SAS Users Group 24th Annual Conference Proceedings

nesug 2011: cover page nesug 2011: cover page. readme conference leaders applications coders' corner data step programming finance graphics & reporting hands on workshops large data sets management & administration pharma & healthcare posters proc format proc sql statistics & analysis northeast ...

NESUG 2007: Statistics and Data Analysis (SA13)

Reliability analysis: Calculate and Compare Intra-class Correlation Coefficients (ICC) in SAS NESUG 2007: Statistics and Data Analysis (SA13)

How to Recognize and Use Calendar Dates

data _null_; NESUG_day = "13Sep2005"d; put NESUG_day = ; run; We can then see in the log file that NESUG_day is now = 16692. This is what we want.

Ten Things You Should Know About PROC FORMAT

For example, if you are running version 8 of the SAS® system under Windows NT, then the data set would have this name: NESUG.sas7bdat While the catalog would appear as: NESUG.sas7bcat The default format catalog is LIBRARY.FORMATS.

Database ACCESS basics: SQL and data step interface to ...

BREED_CODE by itself identifies the records we want because 'TO' is not a cattle breed, but SPECIES_CODE comes before BREED_CODE in the primary index Ins & Outs NESUG 18


AN INTRODUCTION TO THE SQL PROCEDURE Chris Yindra, C. Y. Associates Abstract This tutorial will introduce the SQL (Structured Query Language) procedure through a series of simple examples.

NESUG 2008 Handout: Using Customized Templates with SAS ...

NESUG 2008 Handout: Using Customized Templates with SAS Stored Processes By Cynthia Zender 1 Copyright © 2008, SAS Institute Inc. All rights reserved.

ORACLE Chapter,First Edition

2 SAS/ACCESSLIBNAME Statement Chapter1 more information on an ORACLE concept or term, refer to your ORACLE documentation. SAS/ACCESSLIBNAME Statement Chapter3, "SAS/ACCESSLIBNAME Statement"describes options that you specify in the LIBNAME statement to associatea SAS librefwitha DBMS database ...

Data Warehousing and Solutions

Paper 110-26 Using the SAS/ACCESS Libname Technology to Get Improvements in Performance and Optimizations in SAS/SQL Queries Fred Levine, SAS Institute, Cary NC ABSTRACT This paper highlights the new features in the SAS/ACCESS libname engines that, when used judiciously, can improve overall ...

Optimizing Data Extraction from Oracle

Optimizing Data Extraction from Oracle     Tables Caroline Bahler, Meridian Software, Inc. Abstract The SAS/ACCES S product for Oracle  offersafast and easy interface for reading Oracle tables-access views or SQL Pass-Thru facility.