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So, You Want to be a Neurosurgeon

Page 1 of 10 © 2009 Women in Neurosurgery neu·ro·sur·geon (noo´ rō sur jən) n. a medical specialist concerned with the diagnosis and treatm ent of patients with injury to, or diseases of, the brain, spine or peripheral nerves I NTRODUCTION I NTRODUCTION I am pleased to introduce the 2 nd ...

Information and Analysis for Contemporary Neurosurgical ...

Sami Walid, MD, Aaron C.M. Barth, BA, Mohammed Ajjan, MD, Leon A. Hyer, PhD, and Joe Sam Robinson Jr., MD INsIDe NeurOsurGeON 29 The Inside Neurosurgeon section of the AANS Neurosurgeon focuses on the news and views of the AANS and other neurosurgical organizations.

What is the difference between an Orthopaedic surgeon and a ...

What is a Neurosurgeon ? A Neurosurgeon is a specialist surgeon who has been trained in surgery on the spine and brain. They will generally perform such procedures as removal of brain tumours, and the management of some spinal condit ions.


AANS NEUROSURGEON The official socioeconomic publication of the AANS, AANS Neurosurgeon (formerly AANS Bulletin ) features information and analysis for contemporary neurosurgical practice.


sity of Florida neurosurgeon David Pincus, MD, PhD. UF is one of the elite programs nationally to offer sophisticated endovascular procedures

MR NIJAGUNA MATHAD MS, MCh, FRCS (Neurological Surgery)

MR NIJAGUNA MATHAD MS, MCh, FRCS (Neurological Surgery) Professional Qualifications * MBBS (1981) Karnataka University, Dharwad, India * MS (Gen Surgery) (1985) Karnataka University, Dharwad, India * MCh (Neurosurgery) (1989) Bombay University, Bombay, India * FRCS Ed October 1998 * Diploma ...

The Ohio State University Medical Center Neurosurgery

Ali rezai, Md, a board-certified neurosurgeon, recognized the promise of this technology in the early 1990s. dr. r ezai trained with French researchers, ...


Read more at AANS Neurosurgeon online. whitecircle2tr A B C. WWW.AANSNEUROSURGEON.ORG Neurosurgeon INSIDE N EWS O F A ANS C OMMI t t E ES A ANS / C NS S EC t I ONS A SSOCIA t I ONS O RGANI z A t I ONS S OCIE t I ES The Inside Neurosurgeon section focuses on the news and views of the AANS and other neuros urgical organizations.

Dr. Florence Barnett

cover story The path to becoming a neurosurgeon was not a direct line for Florence Barnett, M.D. She'd grown up watching her father put in long hours as a neurosurgeon and knew first-hand of the challenges of that particular field.

Essential Knowledge for the Neurosurgeon: The GermanPerspective

C HAPTER 6 Essential Knowledge for the Neurosurgeon: The GermanPerspective Hans-Peter Richter, M.D., Ph.D. M r. President, Dear Colleagues and Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen, It is areal pleas ur e1 to participate in this year'sCon-gressMeeting.