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NGK SparkPlugs (UK) Limited May lands Avenue He mel Hempstead Her ts HP24SD Tel 01442281000 Fax 01442281001 www.ngkntk.co.uk April, 2011 NGK TECHNICAL The changing face of sparkplug tech no logy over the years has been high lighted by NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltdduringa technical presentation to ...

Spark Plug & Diesel Glow Plug The World’s No.1 Spark Plug

Tel: 01442 281000 Fax: 01442 281001 www.ngkntk.co.uk Spark Plug & Diesel Glow Plug CATALOGUE 2011 FOR PASSENGER CARS & LIGHT COMMERCIAL VEHICLES

Annual Report 2010

14-18 Takatsuji-cho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya, 467-8525, Japan http://www.ngkntk.co.jp Further Evolution of Our Business Strategy Annual Report 2010 Fiscal year ended March 31, 2010 Printed in Japan 005_0653701372208.indd 1 2010/08/31 16:53:14

200-0917081 NTK Sensor Q

Q2 3 A: Vehicles are one of the leading causes of air pollution in the world. As a result, government legislation has enacted regulation in many parts of the world to reduce vehicle emissions and increase fuel effi ciency.

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18 Solution Solution , Abhilfe , Soluzione Breakage of work piece Burr Ausbrüche an Werkstück Rottura del pezzo Gratbildung Bava Increase the cutting speed , reduce the feed rate Use smaller edge-preparation Reduce the notch wear Schnittgeschwindigkeit erhöhen, Vorschub reduzieren Verwenden ...

K External appearance Ø thread Resistance

Symbol explanation E P K External appearance L: 90 ° Elbow type S: Straight X: 102 ° Elbow type V: 120 ° Elbow type (long) Y: 120 ° Elbow type (short)

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Tabela Motos 2011a

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El uso del multímetro, ohmiómetro, etc., podrá presentar falso resultado debido al bajo voltaje (menor que 10 volts). 2 dudas@ngkntk.com.br RESISTIVA


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