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Nitto Denko Group

2 Nitto Denko Group Green Procurement Standards Introduction The Nitto Denko Group has been making untiring efforts to carry out corporate activities in harmony with the global environment, in keeping with its Corporate Environmental Policy.


1 LIMITED WARRANTY Thank you for purchasing Nitto ® brand tire(s). This Limited Warranty covers all Nitto ...

NITTO DENK0 GROUP (As of March 31, 2003)

41 Overseas Name of Company Country Scope of Business ■ Nitto Americas, Inc (NJ) U.S.A. Supervisory company in U.S.A. ● Nitto Denko America, Inc. (CA) U.S.A. Specialty electronics materials ▲ Permacel (NJ) U.S.A. Adhesive tape products ▲ Graphic Technology, Inc. (KS) U.S.A. Bar-code ...

LASERGUARD 3100H3 LIGHT Surface Protection Tapes

Page 1/2 www.nittoeurope. com Product: Product group: General description Nitto LASERGUARD 3100H3 LIGHT is a surface protection tape, which protects metal surfaces during laser cutting processes.

Portable Semi-Automatic Drilling Machine

6 Portable Semi-Automatic Drilling Machine WA-5000 Max. 2˝ • 2" pilot pin #UEA0850-0 • 8 x 10 mm combination wrench • Safety chain • Sample cutting fluid • Motor-side handle • Molded plastic carrying case • 3 mm allen wrench Standard Accessories Features • 2" x 3" hole drilling ...

Catalog for pdf format 9/03

6 Portable Semi-Automatic Drilling Machine WA-3500 Max. 1-3/8 ˝ WA-3500 Rated Power Consumption Rated Current No load Speed Magnet Holding Power Magnet Dimensions Mass (Weight) Electric Drill Hole Diameter Plate Thickness Cutter Power Source (Single Phase) Model Magnet Power Consumption W A min ...

509A Bonding & Joining

Page 1/2 www.nittoeurope. com Product: Productgroup: General description Nitto repulpable double-coated tape 509A consists of a non-woven tissue carrier, saturated with a water-soluble pressure sensitive adhesive.

5015E Bonding & Joining

Page 1/2 www.nittoeurope. com Product: Product group: General description Nitto 5015E is a non-woven based double coated tape using a pressure sensitive modifi ed acrylic adhesive coated on a white printed separator.


View of the factory & the European head office in Belgium. « Flexible Technology Company Visit our website: www.nittoeurope. com » NITTO DENKO CORPORATION Corporate Presentation


Nitto Denko Automotive Supplier Quality Manual 7/31/09 Rev. 2 Page 3 of 22 1.1-2 Revision Page DATE SECTION PAGE DESCRIPTION OF REVISION SIGNATURE 7/31/09 All Major revision and re-issue Supply Chain Ted Jones The revision pages will keep a record of all ...