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Evolutionary Psychology pon Dysfunctional Psychosociological ...

The effort to portray religion as a necessary component of societal health and prosperity has been so successful that many Americans hold discriminatory attitudes towards proevolution nontheists, transforming atheism a nd the science of evolution into major societal fear factors ( Edgell, Gertels ...

Volume 6, Number 3 — March 1999 Willamette Freethinker ...

society for all nontheists of good will. CSS is a member of the Alliance of Secular Humanist Societies (ASHS), which is affiliated with The Council for Secular Humanism.

Freedom of Religion and Belief in the 21st Century

Atheist Nexus is part a global movement in which nontheists are forming communities in order to promote science, humanism, atheism, rationalism, secularism, scepticism, thought free from dogma, and critical thinking.

A Preliminary Report - To you, I'm an atheist;

It seems a fairly safe hypothesis that a substantial majority of nones are nontheists but not atheists. We will therefore consider our entire sample as largely, if not exclusively, nontheist with a large subset of atheists.

"The Sacred Universe"

What we all need, theists and nontheists alike, is a perspective in which we can reverence the sacredness of the natural world, including all creatures great and small, sentient and nonsentient beings, rock, tree and amoebas.

Atheism—Part One

However, since atheists are all nontheists and since most atheists share with skeptics an antitheistic stand, many of their arguments are the same.

Ethical Views

Sunday, May 24, 2009 Crises of Conscience for Nontheists in the Military Speaker: Jason Torpy, President, Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers Nontheists suffer the same ethical dilemmas as other service members.


Attitude Toward Nontheists Has the candidate ever publicly acknowledged secular or nontheistic Americans? Was the acknowledgment positive?

Re: The Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program's ...

Soldiers who hold deep religious convictions routinely pass the spirituality component of this test while atheists and nontheists do not. The Army cannot avoid the conclusion that this test is an unconstitutional endorsement of religion by simply substituting the word "spiritual" for "religious."

Nontheistic Humanist in a Culture of God-Speak

The primary result of this"sin"of the sanctimonous however uncomfortable it may occasionally make Humanists and other nontheists-has been to render allusions to God in common speech and civic ceremony as insubstantial as the swirling pantheon of painted gods and goddesses that adorns the ...