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Activity Guide

Language Arts: Novio Boy's Journal Have children imagine what Novio Boy must have felt about not having a real birthday. Ask them to write a journal entry as if it was written by Novio Boy, for the day of Chorizo's birthday.

Lesson 1: Launching the Gary Soto Author Study

Lesson Plan Grade 7: Unit 5: Author Study—Gary Soto Reading Workshop Lesson 2: Looking at Word Choice in "Heaven" and Novio Boy Lesson 2: Looking at Word Choice in "Heaven" and Novio Boy Materials • America's Choice: Gary Soto, "Lesson 2: "'Heaven' and Novio Boy ," pages 25-27 • Reading notebook or ...

NAME OF GROOM (Nombre del Novio)

STATEMENT NAME OF GROOM (Nombre del Novio): _____ 1. □ Yes □ No Are you a Florida Resident? ( ¿Vive o reside Usted en la Florida?)


NOVIO BOY By Gary Soto Adapted & Directed by Randy Symank 14-15 August 2009, The Marsh, SF The Marsh Youth Theater ANALYSIS: Novio Boy was a musical theatre adaptation of local author and playwright


4. Marital Status If you are now married or were previously married, answer the following: First Name 1. Family Name The following questions must be answered by all applicants for visas to enter the United States as the fiancée or fiancé of a U.S. citizen in order that a

Singular Adjectives Worksheet 3 - Mi novio es / Mi novio no es

Nombre: _____ Fecha: _____ Escuela/Hora: _____ Profesor/a: _____ Singular Adjectives Worksheet 3 - Mi novio es / Mi novio no es Page 1 of 1 ...


SPANISH 3 COURSE INFORMATION PAGE 2 COURSE OUTLINE/ALIGNMENT TO CALIFORNIA STATE STANDARDS AND EXPECTED SCHOOLWIDE LEARNING RESULTS: (Continued) Assignment Standards Course Content/Objectives: Addressed: ESLRS: El concierto siniestro Cuentos de ninos El novio robado Periodicos, Revistas, y Fotonovelas a ...

8th Grade Language Arts

... Cartoons I and II • Academic vocabulary list • Warriner's Grammar and Composition • Teacher Generated Worksheets • The Diary of Anne Frank • Devil's Arithmetic • Maus I • All But My Life • I Have Lived a Thousand Years • Daniel's Story • Tunes for Bears to Dance To • Night • Novio Boy ...


La señorita Casanova (7) _____ va a dar un par de libros y el novio de Ángeles (8) _____ va a prestar su maravilloso álbum de fotos. Loles tiene suerte.

Chato's Kitchen

Then ask: • What kind of a cat is Chato? • What kinds of things did Chato do to show how he was feeling? • What did Chato do to make the mouse family want to come to his house for dinner? • How did Chato and Novio Boy feel when they saw Chorizo, the surprise visitor?