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Observing, Describing, and Identifying Clouds

GLOBE ® 2002 Observing Clouds Learning Activity - 1 Atmosphere Appendix W e lcome Introduction Protocols Learning Activities!? Observing, Describing, and Identifying Clouds Purpose To enable students to observe clouds, describe them in a common vocabulary, and compare their descriptions with ...

Observing Site Details

Observing Site Details: (See below for Staten Island, NYC and NJ observing sites) Safety Warnings & comfort Tips:-Please dress very warmly in the winter months (winter coat, hat & gloves) as the observatory is not heated while operating.

Observing the Moon

The moon through the looking glass Who first looked at the Moon through a telescope? The honest answer is that we do not know. We cannot even be sure as to when the telescope was invented, let alone who was first to look at the Moon through one.


OBSERVING THE PLANETS Planetary observation can present interesting challenges, especially to users of smaller telescopes. Details with which we are all familiar in professional quality images are seen only briefly in the eyepiece - if they can be resolved at all by a particular aperture.


Duke University Department of Physics Physics 55 Spring Term2007 OBSERVING SESSION WORKSHEET Dress Warmly! You can become quite cold after standing outside for nearly two hours at night so please dress warmly with long pants, long-sleeve shirt, sweater, coat, hat, and gloves.

Automated Surface Observing System

Foreward The 1990s have witnessed a carefully planned and executed modernization of the nation's weather services. The Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) is the first system to be operationally deployed as part of theis modernization.


© Epilepsy Action Australia January 2011 Page | 1 www.epilepsy.org.au OBSERVING AND RECORDING SEIZURES Good observation and recording of seizures is vital to the diagnosis and ongoing management of ...


OBSERVING THE MOON The Moon is all too often dismissed by amateur astronomers as a nuisance, a source of light pollution that spoils an otherwise clear dark night.

Observing Microorganisms Through a Microscope

Chapter 3 Observing Microorganisms Through a Microscope Units of Measurement Microorganisms are measured by metric units unfamiliar to many of us.

Observing and Reflecting Feelings: A Foundation of Client ...

Chapter goals ▲ The purpose of reflection of feeling is to make emotional life more explicit and clear to the client—discovering the "heart of the matter."