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Differential Relays

Differential Relays Siemens LSA 2.2.4. May 1996 1 Application The 7UT512/7UT513 differential protection relays are used for fast and selective isolation of short-circuits in transformers of all voltage levels and also in rotating electric machines and short lines.

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Lightning- and Surge Protection for Power Net Systems (SPD)

Seite 2 von14 Surge Protection EnerPro C TN EP C TN 275 (/FM) EP C TNC 275 (/FM) EP C TNS 275 (/FM) Combined multi-pole Surge Protective Device (SPD) protection category T2 (C) meeting the requirements of class II used as Surge Protector in multi-pole TN - Power Net Systems • Category T2 Surge ...


Ministerstvo životního prostředí / Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic (2005): Strategie ochrany biologické rozmanitosti České republiky / National Biodiversity Strategy of the Czech Republic.

Lightning- and Surge Protection for Power Net Systems (SPD)

Seite 2 von36 Lightning Protection PowerPro B TNC (Reducing Follow On Current) PP B TNC 50/100 (/FM) Combined three-pole lightning current protective device meeting protection category T1 (B), class I Used as equipotential bonding lightning protection in TNC-Power Net Systems • Combined three ...

Bimetal Cutouts R20É

DESCRIPTION Types R 20/R 22/R 40 are bimetal detectors and temperature regu-lators. Types R 30/R 32 are temperature limiters (manual reset) without tripfree mechanism.

Thermal Cut-Off 250 Vac MTKF 1A MTTF 2A MTYF 5A

Thermal Cut-Off Applications - Household appliances - Electronic appliances - Fan heaters - Transformers - Automotive industry Benefits - Small compact design

Privacy Policy of Regus Group Information about our ...

Privacy Policy of Regus Group . I. nformation about our organization and websites Regus plc and its subsidiaries (“Regus Group”) respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it.

Keeping European Consumers Safe

Keeping European Consumers Safe 2006 Annual Report on the operation of the Rapid Alert System for non-food consumer products RAPEX EUROPEAN COMMISSION


ORTEC ® Mobile Nuclear Assay Laboratories and Systems ORTEC and ANTECH have collaborated on the development of nuclear materials assay systems over many years.