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Lucy's on the Square Breafast Platters and more

... 50 Bowl of Oatmeal Milk, Raisins, Cranberries, Brown Sugar..... $3.45 Ultimate Eggwich Yum Yum Start with an Angus ground chuck steak, American cheese, bacon or sausage, a fried egg on a toasted bun..... $7.95 3 Egg Omelett ...

P Palmer’s Sunday Brunch Starters Tableside Guacamole

grilled ham, or Green’s jalapeno cheese sausage, and choice of fruit salad, toast, or English muffin 6.5 sT. charles omeleTT. e Swiss cheese, smoked ham, green onion, and grilled

Pancakes and

... $6 59 CheeSe Steak-Shaved Sirtoin with peppers, . $6 gg onions, mushrooms & Swiss Cheese Mushroom ... $6 29 3 ChggSg-Arerican Swiss and Mozzaretla. ..... $6.29 Ham.... $6.29 Sausage.$6.29 Eastern-Hsm & onions..... $6.29 Vegetarioft-Tomato,peppers, onions, .... $6.79 mushrooms,& Broccoli Combc Omelett€-choice of 5 ...

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auern-Omelett der Welt) On the occasion of introduction of the single egg labeli ng Public Open Air Event Garden Technology 2001-2007 Yearly Organisation of the largest B2B garden technolog

Technique Class: Incredible Eggs

Us eth awed, frozen whole eggs and egg yolks as you would fresh, for baking or omelett es. Understanding Egg Carton Labels Purchasing the best-quality eggs fro ma humane source is often confusing because of the many labels found on cartons.

Authentic German Beer on Tap

... 2.95 Potato Salad..... $2.95 Tomaten Salat ½Gurken Salat½Tomaten Salat ½ ½ Käse Spätzle Käse Spätzle mit Butter & Gebratenen Zwiebeln Nudelauflauf mit Schweizerkäse & Zwiebeln Offenes Omelett mit Kartoffeln, Zwiebeln & Pilzen ...

Breakfast Menu

... Scrambled or Poac hed Eggs Or a choice of Bac k Bacon, Pork Sausag e, Tomat o, Fried Bread, Saut Potat oes, Grilled Mushr ooms, Blac k Pudding, Plum Tomat oes, Bak ed Beans Kipper ed Herrings, Smok ed Haddoc k in Milk Fried, Scrambled or Poac hed Eggs Boiled Egg Omelett es to ...

Room Service Menu

Eller en valfri omelett: Naturell, champinjon eller ost. Croissant, three kinds of bread, Danish pastry, jam, marmalade, honey, fresh fruit salad, cheese and cold cuts.

Breakfast "in the south"

$1.99 CHEESE OMELETT (Choice of American or Provolone) $2.99 Above served with Grits or Applesauce, Toast or Biscuit COMBO PLATTER (a hotcake, egg, bacon or sausage) . .

Washington Ave. - St. Louis

SXSW Omelett e (south by southwest) Tomatoes, Ham, green peppers, onions, topped with salsa and sour cream. Veggie Omelette Spinach, onions, tomatoes, milk, green peppers, swiss cheese.