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PanOptic ™ Ophthalmoscope

2 Warnings and Cautions CAUTION: To minimize lamp housing temperatures, on-time should not exceed 2 minutes with off-time not less than 10 minutes.

SM2815 Rev C

Contents The Eye 4 The PanOptic™ Ophthalmoscope 6 The Coaxial Ophthalmoscope 7 How to Conduct a PanOptic Ophthalmologic Exam 8 How to Conduct a Coaxial Ophthalmologic Exam 10 Common Pathologies of the Eye 12 The Ear 18 The Otoscope 20 How to Conduct an Otoscopic Examination 22 Pneumatic ...

The Ophthalmoscope in the Lifetime of Hermann von Helmholtz

The Ophthalmoscope in the Lifetime of Hermann von Helmholtz C. Richard Keeler “I n the whole history of medicine there is no more beautiful episode than the

The Direct Ophthalmoscope

2 Chapter 1 I. Introduction: Light, refraction, and lenses. Light. Light is electromagnetic energy that propagates through space in a wave-like fashion.


Amcon Direct Ophthalmoscope _____ _____ 2 DISCLAIMER Amcon: The Eyecare Supply Center makes no representations or warranties, either expressed or implied, with respect to the contents hereof and specifically disclaims any warranties ...

The Training Simulator for Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopy

Benefits of the Eyesi Ophthalmoscope Availability of a wide range of X clinically relevant pathologies Independence from patient flow X Effective training of diagnostic X skills in a short time Objective assessment of proce-X dural and diagnostic skills Standardized learning objectives X The ...

Ophthalmoscopy Study Guide

Identify, initiate treatment, and make timely referral for potentially serious eye problems (e.g., uveitis, angle closure glaucoma, chemical injury, herpes keratitis, hyphema, orbital blowout fracture, orbital cellulitis) 3. Describe proper use of the ophthalmoscope 4.

OptyseTM versus a conventional ophthalmoscope

University of Birmingham, School of Medicine, Edgbaston, UK The Optyse TM Lens Free Ophthalmoscope: A suitable companion for medical students? Project number 56 1 Optyse TM versus a conventional ophthalmoscope Sarah Bradley, Philip Harborne, Niraj Mandel and Nicola Salmon.

Using the Ophthalmoscope: Viewing the Optic Disc and Retina

BLOOD SUPPLY TO THE DISC is from the posterior ciliary arteries The posterior ciliary arteries supply the disc, the choroid and the retinal pigment epithelium

How to use an Ophthalmoscope

CJ Shuster Lab Addendum Using the Opthalmoscope 1 How to use an Ophthalmoscope Introduction The ophthalmoscope seems a simple tool.