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University of Pennsylvania - Optimistic Managers & Their ...

University of Pennsylvania ScholarlyCommons Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) Capstone Projects Positive Psychology Center 10-10-2006 Optimistic Managers & Their Influence on Productivity & Employee Engagement in a Technology Organization Margaret H. Greenberg Mrs.

The Science of Mindfulness Meditation

The Science of Mindfulness Meditation Scientists believe they have discovered the first neural evidence for why “mindfulness” — the ability to live in the present moment, without distraction —

An overview of optimism in psychological research

An overview of optimism in psychological research Optimistic Kids is based on a scientifically proven program that builds children's resources and resilience through teaching children how to view any situation or incident in an optimistic way.

“unrealistic optimism,” “illusion of invulnerability ...

Optimistic Bias William M. P. Klein, University of Pittsburgh Definition and History Optimistic bias is commonly defined as the mistaken belief that one’s chances of

Optimism: A Key Ingredient to Happiness

When something bad happens—like having a fight with someone you love, or losing your job, or getting a bad grade on a test—optimistic thinkers believe that what caused the problem can be changed, and they believe that problems in one area of their lives won't necessarily lead to problems in all ...

Be Optimistic

Monthly Wellness Challenge Be Optimistic Requirements to Complete this WELLNESS CHALLENGE 1. Write down 5 positive things about each day. Check off each day you "look on the bright side" on your monthly Wellness Challenge Calendar.

Optimistic Replication

Optimistic Replication YASUSHISAITO Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Palo Alto, CA, USA and MARCSHAPIRO Microsoft Research Ltd., Cambridge, UK Data replication is a key technology in distributed systems that enables higher availability and performance.

A Simple Optimistic skip-list Algorithm

A Simple Optimistic skip-list Algorithm Maurice Herlihy Brown University&Sun Microsystems Laboratories Yossi Lev Brown University&Sun Microsystems Laboratories yosef.lev@sun.com Victor Luchangco Sun Microsystems Laboratories Nir Shavit Tel-Aviv University&Sun Microsystems Laboratories Abstract ...

Optimistic Locking with Concurrency in Oracle

Document Revision Date: 2/2/01 Page 1 of 9 Optimistic Locking with Concurrency in Oracle. As Database Administrators are required to scale their databases to handle the challenges of Web-based access, B2B and E-commerce, faster hardware and more resources may only be a part of the solution.

Optimistic Parallelism Requires Abstractions

Optimistic Parallelism Requires Abstractions Milind Kulkarn i †, Keshav Pingali Department of Computer Science, University of Texas, Austin. {milind, pingali}@cs.utexas.edu Bruce Walter, Ganesh Ramanarayanan, Kavita Bal a ‡, L. Paul Chew Department of Computer Science, Cornell University ...